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  1. A little tune I put together thinking of Bowser's Themes (mainly SMRPG's). Far from finished.
  2. A little something I've been working on for the past days. Although it's nothing to write home about, I'm pleased with the way this came together. Please comment Enjoy!! UPDATE (v1.0): Last version was just a raw skeleton, while this one proves a (not definitive but) much better arranged one. Please listen and comment.
  3. I was looking around my files and found this old project of mine. Question is should I go forward with it? As Advance Wars fans may notice it also includes a small section of Lash's Theme. *Notice: This is in no way a final version and I'm going for a rewrite if you like it as it is. I'm expecting your opinion and will work on it on the next days if positive.
  4. (As you might have noticed by now, I have a lot of free time these days lol.) June 3rd: Still not sure what to do with the melody synth so I'm leaving it as it is for now. Minor changes and a nice re-arrangement at around 2:24. Listen and comment... and have fun.
  5. June 2nd: Played a little bit more with the tune... some more beef added. Aware that some parts need fixing, need some help on that, please point out times and thing, you know the drill. Thanks on feedback and I'll keep on working. One luv, Xeno.
  6. I got this put together one day. I was bored and in a sluggish mood, you'll get the idea. Nevertheless, it sounds sorta mmmkay to me, but I'd appreciate some feedback. June 1st: done some more minor fixing and will provide link to the new WIP soon. Source: (best I could get, despite the actual FX from game, if anyone knows a reliable source for this same song, I'd appreciate a link)One luv, Xeno.
  7. Thank you all for your feedback, it is really appreciated. Regarding this WIP, I'm gonna work hard on it, I know there's still much to do. The song does feel broken, but it's my work style. I put whatever I fancy and when it sounds like it's almost put together, I completely rewrite it. I haven't gone back to check the source myself yet (it blocks my arrangement powers lol), so might as well you might find a totally improved thing. So expect v.B2 soon and I hope it overcomes your expectations. One luv, Xeno.
  8. Latest version, check it out! Sturmed the HQ - by Viktor 'Xenocrates' Luna Thank you all for your comments, I'm working as much as I can on this project 'cause we seriously lack Advance Wars remixes, and I just love to find out all the little wonders of remixing.
  9. Yes!! Exactly that was what I was trying to create. So thank you all for your comments, I've been working on this every now and then and I have the pleasure of presenting thee the latest version: Sturmed the HQ(v2.1) - by Viktor 'Xenocrates' LunaMajor Update Warning!!! October 6th. 2008 Sturmed the HQ(v. - by Viktor 'Xenocrates' Luna Ok, so you've heard v2.1, but there was a little something that I didn't quite feel about it myself :S ...in short, it was too messy. So I remade a WHOLE lot of things and came up with the henceforth known as the "B"-side. So it's up to you to vote for your favorite now. The original, or the B version? October 7th. 2008 Sturmed the HQ(v.B[FINAL]) - by Viktor 'Xenocrates' Luna Let me know what you think. This is the properly finished B version.
  10. A little arrangement of Sturm's theme, a dub/club mix? I don't know. You tell me. I just went into a rampage and came up with this in 2 days. I'm very pleased with this track. *Before anyone starts complaining, mind that it is meant to be repetitive (since Sturm's theme is just a 1 minute loop, a club/dub/whatever mix is all that I could come up with). Listen & comment so I may update and (maybe someday) submit it. Sturmed the HQ - by Viktor 'Xenocrates' Luna Ah, yes... it does feature the CO Power jingle from the first Advance Wars... I felt nostalgic, so what? *I forgot, just so that you know, I know next to zero about EQ and 'Mastering' and whatever. I just get the feel of a song and draw the outline in Fruity Loops. I do try to play with the internal EQs and limiters and whatnot so that it doesn't sound like a bunch of muddy sounds just punishing your eardrums, but I like loudness in my stuff. Critical and positive reviews accepted nonetheless, and if someone could help me with that technical part, It'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time, peace & respect to my fellow mixers out there.
  11. My fellow remixers, I invite you to the task of remixing some of the tracks of this great series. Since the first days of Advance Wars, the thing I enjoyed the most besides the simple gameplay yet tough strategy involved, was the music. With a wide array of tracks: from jazz to techno to orchestrated themes to plain rock, there's a wide selection and a world of possibilities to try. Please join me in this request and let's try our best to ensure this beautiful OST gets the appreciation it deserves. Thank you.
  12. Ok, I'll try one of the featured hosting sites and let you know. Thanks for your advice. Switched to boomp3.com as prompted by the 'WIP hosting' post. Enjoy! The Unknown Hero
  13. A nice remix I've been working on for the last 3 days. FYI, it's the Battle and the Final Battle themes featured on Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Remix: The Unknown Hero Sources: Battle Final Battle: The Dark King Final word: Comment. Thank you for your time! n_n
  14. Hey y'all it's been a busy week, but here it is, what we've all been waiting for... j/k. My sister suggested that I should leave it as it is, but I intend to make it a bitsie longer. Listen, comment & all in all, enjoy! Legends Never Die v1.0 Thanks for your time!
  15. Thanks for the tip. I'm aware of the existance of both OST's but I'm sure (enough lol) I'm using the game's one. More updates to come soon, keep on tuning and comment.