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  1. Works fine for me... As for the collab idea... I don't feel that I am quite skilled enough to try that yet. Mebbe some time in the future...
  2. Well, I worked on it some, and made it a little better. It is still a bit too repetitive, but not as bad as it was before. I did change the beat a little, but am still working on that, so don't be surprised that it isn't that good yet. http://files.filefront.com/STARDestructionV3mp3/;10171410;/fileinfo.html Again, I could use all the tips I can get...
  3. This would be the first thing I really have done ever, remix or not. Ah, just the sort of thing I needed! I did actually go and change quite a bit of it last night. I didn't get around to adding in different drums to it, but I did cut it down by about two minutes or so, so it sounds a bit less repetitive. As for the Slayer part... I honestly haven't got a clue why that's in there still, I thought I got rid of that quite a while ago... O.o Thanks for the comments! Got any other comments for a complete remixing noob?
  4. First off, sorry if this isn't in the right place... I looked over the rules, but didn't read every single little bit, so I may have missed something, but this appears to be the right spot... Anyway, I have a remix that I made that I would like some feedback on. It's the first remix I have ever made, but I don't think I did too horribly badly on it. http://files.filefront.com/STARDestructionmp3/;10136614;/fileinfo.html I need all the tips I can get here. I made that using FL Studio 8. At one point I opened a midi of the original song to see what the right notes for it were, but I didn't directly copy anything over. I don't think I am completely finished with it, but if I get enough positive feedback, I am going to work pretty hard to get this to be as good as I can. If not, I'll just cut my losses and move on. Thanks in advance!
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