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  1. alright, problem solved. ^^ He said hed give me the soundfont. Huzzah!
  2. lol yeah, I didnt remember that. I have the soundtrack, so that would be easy, but ill PM DarkeSword first. I thought perhaps it was some fairly commonly mentioned soundfont or VST or something
  3. Forgive me for I have next to no experience in composition et al Im not sure exactly how I would do either of the things you suggested...and are you sure that its alone? If memory serves, theres constant ambient background noise throughout that song...
  4. I am in need of a whistle VST/VSTi/whatever. As the name says, specifically one that sounds like the signature Metroid Prime one, not really like the one used in Lil Jons instrumentals. (to give one example of what I dont want) Ive tried The Shepard and the 3xOsc trick so far but am unsatisfied and have tried tweaking both, but neither can give me what I want...any suggestions on this? If something can be modified to make this, that would be fine as well. Thanks in advance! ^^