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    I'm a Canadian guy living in northern Alberta. Life doesn't afford me much time to play videogames, but I sure gamed when I was younger, and the music from megaman 2 has been HUGELY influential on me. I will always have time for videogame music. I am on my way to becoming a teacher. I would LOVE to be in a band, I love all sorts of music. I love sports, I love being active, I love a few lazy days here or there too. Finding out what makes other people tick is what makes me tick.
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    3rd year B.Ed student, Mobile DJ/buisness owner.
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    FL Studio
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    Acoustic Guitar
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    Electric Guitar: Rhythm
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  1. it just occurred to me after posting this a few days ago that i should probably post this on your profile and not on my own:

    thanks for the props. i'd be willing to potentially let you give it a shot. i did try to recruit someone from an EB fansite but he hasn't responded and I'm impatient so... do you have any recordings where you rap? or do you mean singer when you say vocalist? if you do rap I would like to be able to hear what you sound like before I agree. if you wanna just record any ol rhymes to that beat for like a verse and send it my way that would be cool.

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