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  1. UPDATED YOUTUBE VIEW COUNT 8+ years later. BRandon Strader - Town Music (Busy Life) Music Video - 368 views Biznut - Waking On Not So Distant Afternoons - 371 views Chernabogue - The End OCReMix (short edit) - 404 views Lessashamed - Dreaming Still - 832 views diotrans - Mario Paper Friends - 852,989 views GOOD GRIEF
  2. Hey palp. I haven't been back at Corneria, but I recently put up a MM3 Geminiman WIP up on the workshop forums. Check it out if you like. I've done some mixing and EQing, but am looking for more direction in that area from some experienced folks.

    Happy Wednesday

  3. Whipped this up in the last little while; have most of the track elements and composition complete. Thought I'd put it up here for feedback. The last track I subbed was well composed and thought out but got rejected because of mixing, which is by far the weakest area of my production skills. I think this one is mixed okay, but would like some tips. Like I said, im inexperienced and weak in that department. Is the track compressed well enough? Should it have more pump? Are the instruments EQ'd okay? Tell me! Some other things I'm considering with this track: - adding some toms to the percussion track. - adding another hi hat to the mix / varying the hat patterns already present. - dropping some of the glitch effects in one or two spots. - adding another instrument to the main lead layer - nudging the volume up slightly for the fun chorus toward the end. (3:01) Mega Man 3 - Just Say Gemini beta Enjoy the track, thanks for the feedback!
  4. No problem, dude. Let me know if you want any more help with it, I'd be glad to listen to any future WIPs.

  5. Hey Vinnie, I just got the decision on Corneria Airspace. I appreciate good feedback, wanted to thank you for taking the time to write some. Thanks!

  6. Yeah, I'm usually in there. :3 you should pop in sometime. Hehe

  7. Hey Ocre, thanks for the shout! You still hang around on irc? Been a while since I stopped in there!

  8. Just popping in to say hi, Kaleb. :)

  9. OP chiming in, managed to score Komplete 8 (sub-ultimate) for 450. I'll sell some dj gear / save up for the next go round of the CCC sale. It seems to go round once a year, and with Christmas coming, I'm crossing my fingers.
  10. Count me in as of Sept 4 2010; Just made year 1 last month, Bev and I celebrated with our first son, Graeme, born Aug 17th, 2011!
  11. Mainly a curiosity at this point, we probably won't be buying a new compy soon, but the wife and I had been talking about it; she would like a mac, and there are a few non music related reasons why I would as well. That's all really. I have always liked the idea of a good mac with bootcamp.
  12. Well if BGC does it, then I better do it! That is what I had figured, but google searching it led me to lots of people on forums saying they've had troubles doing it that way. Perhaps thost posts come from people who are just not computer saavy enough and are biting off more than they can chew. I guess I will know when I try it, hopefully we can grab a new one here soon, I am liking that 27 inch 3.4 GHz i7. Get an aftermarket SSD in there maybe!
  13. Considering buying an imac for multiple reasons, one of them is NOT the lack of compatibility with FLStudio. I understand it can be run through Parallels or Boot Camp, etc. Google has yielded me mixed responses. Does anybody here have any personal experience with this? I would trust info from these forms a little more than some of the threads I've visited so far. Thanks
  14. Komplete 8 is to be released in a few weeks, and I have been eyeing it. I have also been eyeing the composers collection, especially during the times when it has dipped to around 750, usually once a year it seems. With a kid on the way, I don't think I will have the time or free cash to justify the purchase, but I have been curious which would be better value: Komplete 8 - around 550 EWQL Complete Composers - around 800 - 1000 if sale is on. What is your personal opinion? I understand it all comes down to what type of sounds you are going for, etc, so what would YOU buy? OR would you spend that money on another music sample/software pack? And for that matter, if you are going with Komplete 8, do you grab the ultimate version with the HD, for around 1100?
  15. I'm a DJ, and just this weekend I got a chance to play a few excellent OverClocked ReMixes during my work. R3forged's Tetris Thirty Plus @ a Dry Grad Party yesterday. The nerds nearly passed out from awesomeness overload. Pot Hocket's FFVII - Sleep, My Sephy, as the bridal entrance song, just this afternoon. Outdoor wedding in a farmers field, she came over the ridge as the music was playing in a horse drawn carriage, and walked up the aisle. It was a *perfect* song, so gorgeous. Nobody in the crowd had any idea what the song was of course. I have also played Rellik's Earthbound - Dreaming on Distant Shores during a fashion show, Beatdrop's Vectorman - Overflow between sets at a Battle of the Bands, and it's not an ocremix but I'll also play Matoya's Cave by the Black Mages sometimes as dinner music. If you have played some OCReMixes out there in public, share it here. If you can suggest any OCR tracks for dinner music for example, I'll check it out! I am always interested in incorporating some nice VGM tracks in my work. I have listened through the entire OCR library before, but not since I have started my business and playing music for public functions, so there have got to be some gems out there for sure.
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