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  1. I've got some and can upload them, but I'm out of town right now. I'll try to get them up and going tomorrow after I get home to my comp where the sheets are saved.
  2. Yeah that's what it seems like, but the song just completely switches. It's one thing, and then it's this other thing that sounds just like that ending solo thing from The Doomsday. I heard it and was immediately like, "That was The Doomsday."
  3. I swear that part at 40 seconds is the end of "The Doomsday" by Snappleman, Ashane, and norg from the Project Chaos album. Anyone else hear it or am I just crazy? bte I just think it's awesome that a metal game would pick up on a video game remix for a trailer.
  4. I actually worked on that for a little bit. I only finished the first page, but I don't have th right program anymore so I can't view the file. I've got a MIDI file from hetcenus if you want me to email you that.
  5. Cool, thanks man. I'm pretty sure Eggman is in D, and I think it sounds like Sandopolis is A. My tabbing has slowed down cause I need to burn a new CD... BTW where should I put the tabs?
  6. Does anyone know if BrainCells plays on a seven string guitar? Everything I play of the rhythm line to Live at Sandopolis sounds like it isn't going low enough. Any help is appreciated. I'm working on tabs for anyone who cares.
  7. Oh... I don't like that project too much... especially the Twinrova. Come one, Two sisters on exstacy? That could've been way better.
  8. Okay, I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but here goes. I think Ocarina of Time has some great music. Remixing this soundtrack would be awesome. And I've already put a lot of work into a metal version of Twinrova/Kotake and Koume. I think this would be a great project. So it would be cool to do this. But I'm not sure how to get this all set up so I just put it in suggestion here.
  9. Well, that stinks for me. But you are right, I do need to train my ears. But I have a request... if I make tabs of your stuff, can you look them over and tell me if they seem good?
  10. This has probably been said a million times already, but I'm too lazy to look around for the answers. Anyways... Snappleman and BrainCells, you two are absolutely amzing. You're my favorite game remixers. But, I need tabs! I'm too crappy with my ears to figure things out myself, although I've figured out some stuff from tabs of the original themes.
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