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  1. crap... I don't know what happened. I set up that profile last night, and managed to link to the IRC channel here ok. I'm not sure what happened, but it might have been deleted.
  2. So, this my first ever remix, and i've only got one song done, anyway. DK Killscreen Mix is supposed to be a remix of the original Donkey Kong's songs. I'm not sure what other people think about it, but please give me some feedback, good or bad. only song on this profile http://profile.myspace.com/americanmixer ps: using FL Studio XXL, so any tips on how to sound better with that would be appreciated.
  3. Don't remember the game that this is from, could probably check Nintendo Power (yup, I get it). "Are you a bad enough dude to save the president?"
  4. ok, so "midi ripping" isn't a good idea for a completely original remix. as i said in my first post, i'm kinda new to this, so i'll work my way up to my own compositions soon. also, i haven't found a midi file yet that is accurate, so i can't really do anything about that, huh.
  5. I'm kinda new to making remixes of video game music (been wanting to, now am). A friend uses midi files to get the basic song, but I haven't found any that are accurate to the music I'm trying to remix. Do you use midis, and where should I go for good midi files (ones that sound accurate, or really close)?
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