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  1. Another update with slightly more polish than the previous. Let me know what you think, and thank you for listening!
  2. The WIP has been updated and stands in hiatus until the muse kicks me again. Let me know what you think! Link again,
  3. This is a remix of the theme that plays during the ending credit scroll. I tried to give it some sort of a 1970s pop-country feel, maybe with some funk elements. I feel like there are a lot more questions to be answered as I work on this, and I'd love the feedback of the community. Thank you!
  4. Yep, 404 error resolved. The song should be listen-able (in a literal sense only, you all will have to tell me if it is really "listen-able" or not).
  5. Songs used "Secret of the Forest", and an a bit from Chrono Trigger's main theme. Looking for feedback. This is the first time I've ever remixed with intent to submit. All help appreciated. Enjoy, I hope.
  6. This is still a WIP, but I have gone a little farther with it. Feedback appreciated.
  7. After you beat Zelda 3, there's a credit reel with a sombre little unique tune that eventually morphs into the Zelda/Link overture. I messed with that, and got this. What I have linked (pun heavily intended, yet barely achieved) is the most polished 2 minutes of the remix. I started out shooting for a funk feel, but ended up with a sort of nervous two-step line dance. I'm not sure if that constitutes an epic fail or serendipity; you tell me. I may finish this possibly maybe someday eventually if I can find a way to end it. Endings are the hardest part of the songwriting process for me. The feedback & help I get here will probably affect the outcome as well.
  8. Sorry, link was down for a few minutes while I uploaded a new version. I made some of the recommended changes & encoded it a bit richer. Should work now. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!
  9. Sorry, that's what I get for posting on too little sleep. The link should work now. Thank you!
  10. I have been working on a remix of the Secret of the Forest (or whatever translation of that title is canon these days). I have about 2:40 of solid material, but I am at a point where I feel I want to know how it sounds (and my wife is no musician, and so nice to me I think she'd lie out of kindness). Perhaps you all could tell me where I need to improve? I guess I should say something about who I am, instead of popping up randomly on the radar (unless that's typically how things are done, in which case ignore the following). I took 4 years of what was called "electro-music lab" in high school... mind you this was '94 through '98, and I was using a very early Cakewalk and a Roland XP10. All that work was midi composition and basically practice. Anyway, I did a lot of remixing back in those days, though I don't think I knew about till later. From 1998 till 2006 I abandoned the idea of synthesizers and keyboards in lieu of actual instruments. I recently have decided to give sequencing a try again... and I have to admit I'm woefully out of date. As a long-time fan of several of the remixers commonly published here, I felt I could find no better audience for constructive criticism. Fire away!