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  1. Thinking about it the lead is WAY to high and should be more mellow with the rest of the song. Maybe even slowing down the lead would help cause it sounds way to fast.
  2. I posted this a while back and was told that it sounded like one big build up to nothing. Any ideas on what I should do with this? http://www.tindeck.com/listen/uhvw
  3. I took the songs "Face Unseen" and "Burmecian Kingdom" and created this track called "Fall of Burmecia". I'm not sure right now what to do with this as I know its not ready for entry and I think the instruments aren't working out well. Ideas? http://www.tindeck.com/listen/wfhe
  4. This is a remix of two Suikoden 2 songs. "Amid the Silence" and "Days of the Past". I'm looking for some feedback on what I should do with it, wheather it needs anything else or should I enter it for consideration. http://tindeck.com/listen/wkhi The Name is "Days of the Past, Present, Future"
  5. Sonic 2 Chemical Factory Click here to listen! This is still in the works. I am having a problem with creating my own melodies and stuff.
  6. Final Fantasy IX Fall of Burmecia Click here to listen!
  7. I'm working on a remix of Final Fantasy IX Kingdom of Burmecia called Fall of Burmecia. My main problem with most of my mixes is once I have the core of it (ie: stuff from the sheet music) I can't seem to put my own ideas to it. I will upload what I have so far by Friday the 14th. It sounds cool but the problem is it has no originality on my part. It seems to be a major problem in most of my mixes. It halted my progress on most of my mixes like I am working on a mix of Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone and a mix of Suikoden 2 Amid the Silence. I have my main parts but I can't get the originality. Any suggestions? (If you guys want I can upload what I have so far of those two as well)
  8. I like it, but I don't love it. Does sound kinda empty and I have to agree that after 2:25 the bass kinda overrides all. I do like the Drowning bit and it's overall a good mix. It's missing a few things to be great. 7/10 right now for me,
  9. I should have the file up for you guys to listen to tomorrow or tuesday but it's sitting on my H drive at my high school. I used Reason through Digital Performer and I think it came out well. Some parts do sound a little weird like it goes from the synth line to a loud kind of sound really fast. It was for a project in which we made a slideshow and we had to play a piece (ie couldn't use a piece of already created music and just throw it in) and I thought Dr. Who was perfect so I recreated the theme. Should update it tomorrow or tuesday with the link. Hopefully some of you Dr. Who fans (like me) enjoy it.
  10. I don't want to come off as lazy but I found out how to use Reason in Digital Performer. I only use a lead from a song and never the full thing for my mixes and I wanted to know do you think it is not fair, to easy or just not right to use the step record as I am more of a technology person than a true musician as I just can't keep tempo. Especially some of these video game pieces. I step record it or a variation of the lead line and use reason to get the sound I want. Is that being to conservative even though I work out the rest of the song? sweat drop: (Didn't realize the posts go the other way. I guess I kinda asked the same question as the creater of the thread >.<)
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