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  1. Hey, again I wanna make a request for a remix of the electro wolf song from iggy's wreckin balls. it's an awesome track and i really would enjoy hearing a remix of that. btw: how about a whole iggy's wreckin balls techno/house remix album???
  2. Hello vidgame music fans, first of all I want to thank all remixers for their great work there doing. :!: Now to my request. I noticed that there's no remix for Iggy's recking balls. It's strange because I think you can make some great electro mixes of those tracks. I would like to hear a remix of the " " track.Hope someone feel like doing it!!! Thank you in advance. Keep up the good work. Greetz Eazy
  3. Hi, that's a very nice and usefull threat you made keep it up. Now my question. Is there any possibity to reup the sheet of The Wingless' Silent Hill piece "There was a Hole in Here"? I've searched in goolge but it only gave me sites which say "It's not longer availble. Go away" or "Error404 no sheet 4 U" and so on. Come to think of it I've got another one. Is there a sheet for Dhsu's "Rainbow Snowland"? Or do i have to do something with the MIDI file? I know I could ask Goolge how to get the notes from MIDIs but while I'm at it why not asking here too =P. Edit: Ok I've managed to get the Rainbow Sheets. Greetings.
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