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  1. That kicked a serious amount of ass! However I was looking for more of a trance or techno remix of it. This was awesome though.
  2. Now, I know you probably think that this is some silly spamming 4channer, but may I assure you this is NOT the case. Basically I would like to request a remix of The Ragnaroc Canyon music, the first level on the game and by far the best music in the entire game. Me and my friend have been looking for a remix of this for a VERY long time and so far have found nothing at all. So I have decided to make a plea here, If somebody is willing to remix this, or knows of where a remix is, I would be most greatfull. Here are some links to the original music: http://www.vgmusic.com/music/console/nintendo/snes/BIB-level1.mid (Midi file) Thanks again xxx Acid_Wulf
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