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  1. OMG! they said they'd go to south america!!! I hope they come to Argentina! I'd die a happy man if I was able to see them live....:|

    I saw them in San Francisco last night. The orchestra was horrid (some of the musicians were extremely out of time) and some arrangements were just plain awful (JENOVA comes to mind).

    On topic though: From the clips I did see at the Distant World's concert, the graphics did look amazing. It gets that much credit.

  2. Wait a minute...

    When did you take down the googlepages site for Essence of Lime, Lemon? It's all... your stuff now :?. (The face is in sarcasm, before I get shot)

    (I, oddly, was really liking that stie. Very simple design). Now it looks like I'll have to sign up to the proboards forum in order to hear the songs on our neat little project. (Yes, I know I should have done this months ago.)

  3. A few things:

    Awesome song, Lemon. I mean.. Just wow. That was such a shitty source (I'm sorry, I know you love all the music in this game, hence the project), and turned it into something worth downloading. Once again, your style shines through on to your song, and I have little to say in order for the song to get "better." (On the music side. I don't have an ear for production to speak of.)

    Also, I'll take both Maple songs. I was planning on doing kind of a surprise thing, just showing up with a remix of both of them, but it looks like the last few songs are getting gobbled up. I can't let that happen to the ones I want to do!

    Lastly... Umm... No one has said anything about my song (Tempus). If no one has anything to say, and you can't think of anything to add or how to make it better (because I know I have nothing to add), then I propose that we lock up the song.

    (Also, on the Maple songs, can we do it like you and I did before? I write a midi and you make it sound good? If not, that's okay. I can manage SOMETHING on my own, but I know you're much better than me at this stuff.)

  4. Without trying to seem like a jerk or anything... But I could have sworn I saw a board game at Target that was almost identical to this. I don't know if it was also "beam chess" or not, but it followed the same fundamental rules...

    I should probably get more info on this, or if TheWingless can verify, that'd be great.

  5. Maybe little tambourine or some kind of percussion would be nice as well, but that's merely a suggestion of my own because I love percussion :P

    I know what you're saying, but... A. I don't like a lot of percussion (I can lecture for hours on why I think percussion, in a lot of music, is pointless.) B. Since I have this distaste for percussion, I never really learned how to write good percussion parts.

    I mean, to everyone else's ear, all my music can probably be benefited by adding in some percussion. I just can't let myself do that.

    But keep the criticism comin'. Need more of it if I wanna be a better composer.

  6. And I'll take a minute to describe the song. (I just didn't want to do the linkage and screw something up and make a fool of myself.)

    This song was partly inspired by The Fall of Iselia from the Summonig of Spirits album. I tried to write piano in that style, and in my opinion, I didn't really accomplish that goal :tomatoface:. For the most part it was just me, just writing. No real idea where I wanted to go or what I wanted to do. I learned later, that there was already a piano arrangement of Sadness and that I have it in my playlist, so I unintentionally stole some material.

    I really had fun with this and am waiting to make it better.

  7. Maybe I shouldn't even have posted this one as a consequence or just asked you guys about mixing issues,

    Believe me, this is what I felt when I put my first song up here. I didn't say too much about "arrangement" per se. Just the switch to the underground theme and the intro. Don't get me wrong, I love what you did and I really enjoyed the sources you used. (Not enough love for Super Mario Land here)

    I'd download the song and keep it (i do that often here in the WIP forum), but you say you're going to update. You better keep true to your promise.

  8. My thoughts:

    0:00-0:30 - There are lots of parts where there is too much going on. Too many interjections. Upon second listen, they are a bit more clear, but still, a lot of stuff happening and can't focus on what I'm supposed to. (Also there was that bit where the was no melody for a while, when it was just guitar and bass. It struck my ear as slightly odd.)

    0:30-0:45 - Love your piano work. However, it gets a little quiet at times compared to the background. I had trouble hearing every note.

    0:45-1:05 - Fun stuff. Liked the End Level Fanfare tossed in there.

    1:05 - That clip from the actual game... Eh, I didn't like it, but it's just a matter of taste.

    1:07-1:34 - More good piano work, but gets buried behind the brass interjections, drums, bass, etc.

    1:48-2:15 - The sudden change was a little rough for me. Especially since you dropped a lot of elements of what you built on upon before. In other words... It didn't feel like the song I was listening to a minute ago.

    2:15 to End: It was fine end for me. I think you can keep it just fine. But I see you're going to change it, so... Nothing to say here. Fun section.

    Overall, it's a very fun song. Just minor things here and there. I like your take on the song, and I love your piano writing. Good work.

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