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  1. And use "HOOKSHOT" as a discount code to save 15%.
  2. I'm down. (You're all thinking, "Who is this guy?")
  3. Yeah, it is. Sorry about not responding earlier; I never really log into my OCR account.

  4. Is Pluvia Veris your ReMix for Horon Village? I noticed it had been submitted to the O-Clocked panel.

  5. I saw them in San Francisco last night. The orchestra was horrid (some of the musicians were extremely out of time) and some arrangements were just plain awful (JENOVA comes to mind). On topic though: From the clips I did see at the Distant World's concert, the graphics did look amazing. It gets that much credit.
  6. Just making sure; I didn't want to have to cry myself to sleep tonight.
  7. I really hope this isn't a shot at my abilities as a composer...
  8. I gotta put my thanks in for Ben too. He was really cool and patient with me. That, and he took my midi's and made them listenable. It's really nice to see this reach fruition.
  9. I was just being sarcastic about the massive collab of the song. I feel that I "finished" my track, so I can fudge around now :]
  10. Wait a minute... When did you take down the googlepages site for Essence of Lime, Lemon? It's all... your stuff now . (The face is in sarcasm, before I get shot) (I, oddly, was really liking that stie. Very simple design). Now it looks like I'll have to sign up to the proboards forum in order to hear the songs on our neat little project. (Yes, I know I should have done this months ago.)
  11. We should just all put our minds together and do a super-remix of Faries Woods. With all of us together it'll turn out.... alright.
  12. I'm here. I'm alive; I promise. It's actually funny, I've been laying around on my song for a while now, and then just today I thought, "I'm going to finish this NOW, no matter what." Well, guess what. I finished my song. I'll PM you the midi soon Lemon. (It's a bit rough and we'll have fun figuring out all the dynamics and crap like that. I think you'll enjoy it. C-yah!
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