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  1. Sorry for not posting the art yet. I feel I must explain. I'm being treated for Embrynal carcinoma and it's been hell the last two weeks. I promise I'll get these up asap. It's also discerning that not more than a few folks are interested. XNA...is that for developing XBOXlive titles? Megadave, 3d is cool and all, but not only is it difficult to remake the original and move away from it's normal format, but find me a bunch of folks that excel at CG design and animation. Anyone that knows their 3dmax or Maya are most likely not going to bother with a project like this. I think sticking with sprites OR trying for an HD approach (like the beautifully drawn Alien Hominid) would suit a Mario remake just fine. IF I can get folks that know the tech side of design.
  2. I will get the other designs up. I'd like to find a few folks that are versed in some kind of game engine, sound designers, and sprite animators if possible.
  3. Well, I promise, I want to remain true to the original. I still want this in pixels and as a side scroller. My only change would be to flesh out the story of the first Mario Bros title and to visually interpret what the world and characters may have looked like through real eyes. No true horror, no big scares. I really want this to give off the "Men in Black" type of comical hysterics. Sure, Goombas are gonna get squished, but not with gore. Perhaps slimy goo, but still in a Ghostbusters kind of "Eew."
  4. Thanks for the link, I'll check out what's been done. I just want to imagine a real life Mario like it was a comedy adventure. So the violence would be cartoonish (sure the Goombas get squished, but imagine in a "Men in Black" kind of sliminess.) So I will start pumping out some art......but is anyone even interested in doing something like this?
  5. Remember, it's just a concept right now. But I envisioned Mario and Luigi (as a possible cutscene) walking towrds the first layer of Bowser's kingdom, and Mario seeing this cute little Goomba strolling along. "Oh, look at the little fellow, what did they mean dangerous?" (In regards to the denizons of The Mushroom kingdom warning of all the dangers of Bowser's land.) Suddenly the mouth of this bugger comes from nowhere and it's eyes get real big. Mario screams and falls back, then attempts to scurry backwards as the Goomba gives chase. Well one thing leads to another, but I'm sure you can imagine Mario's first use of his Stomper boots. Clumsy but to the point. And a bit messy.
  6. I have always been stunned and amazed by the talent put across by the artists on this site with your ability to weave tunes. I very much want to give back, but I'm not sure how. I read that a bunch of folks here wanted to make a dark, realisitic game about the Mario Bros. While I have dreamt about something of this magnitude, I always imagined a new Mario Bros would still retain most of it's light-heartedness. All I am is a graphic artist and a writer, so this is what I propose: I have been up all night working on concept designs and a story that would make the original Super Mario Bros more fleshed out and I really would love to see this come to life. But I am no game designer. Or musician (although I have tried and posted it on Myspace.) That's where I look to you folks. I know you're out there waiting for the chance to shine, just like me. If anyone is interested, I'm soon going to post these rough sketches on Deviantart.com, or here if that's appropriate. I really hope I'm looking in the right place. I don't know how else to get this off the ground, but I have hope. My inspiration came from a dream. A dream where Jack Black was Mario, and Sasha Baron Cohen was Luigi. The would still retain the antics that you would imagine with a pair of pasta loving plumbers. But there would be darkness, too. My designs for Goombas are already creeping me out, but in a good way. And I have tons of ideas how to flesh out Koopa as well. Trust me, this kind of art comes to me naturally. I am imagining something hires and really detailed, and I am hoping you can help make this little dream a reality. I can be reached at vormaen@hotmail.com, or here. I will wait with antici.....pation for a response. I think what I've been daydreaming could be worth the effort. Hope to here from you folks soon. Vormaen