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  1. Apparently it doesn't work on rooted devices. ;_;

    If you're running Cyanogenmod or a fork of it there should be a toggle in settings > developer options > root access that allows you to hide root access from apps. It's worth a shot depending on how they check for root.

  2. She was assigned to a team which is why J.D. complained, which unbalances the teams. J.D. wasn't indignant, his complaint was rather neutral. Bark was there if you need to hear what happened again.

    Whether miss velociraptor is having personal problems has nothing to do with her being idle and wasn't a factor at all. Ivel was kicked for calling me an asshole which he already knows not to be rude to admins.

    Neither J.D. nor me were "butthurt" over anything, the only people who seemed to be upset were ivelchild and top gun. Seriously how is any of this a problem or need to be blown out of proportion?

  3. Seconding the madcatz se stick, I own a te and have another se on the way. If you ever feel like the se isn't good enough you can easily swap in better parts pretty cheaply from lizard lick.

    And luckily for you, the deal I used to get the new se is still active. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/41815/street-fighter-iv-with-mad-catz-official-fight-stick-controller-bundle-ps3-or-xbox-360

    30 dollars plus a copy of street fighter 4 which is negligible since ssf4 is out, but still a great deal.

    EDIT: Guess I should have read more than the first couple posts, bardic found the same deal haha. Also about the shipping the walmart one you get get with store pickup so there's no shipping involved.

  4. if the choices are 'yes' and 'no', fifty-one percent is the majority

    And when 49% of the server leaves because someone constantly votes to go melee only, it kills the server. I agree with needing a higher threshold for the vote since it isn't something minor, it's something that disables 3/4ths of all the weapons in game.

  5. 18 Nov if I am not mistaken, though OCAD and the Immaculate Breasts are out of the running. So it is all you guys.

    The Halloween event was lame, and also people are gaga over name tags.

    Also, Gimme Yo Crates.

    Gimme masks before the event is over and I give you crates
  6. Technically, they have. However, only to clarify it.

    Up until yesterday, it just said "No hate speech" which I expanded to "No hate speech, including excessive swearing and insults." at the same time I removed Rambo from the admin list.

    TECHNICALLY, I overstepped my bounds there by making said change without consulting the remaining admins, but based it on the opinions expressed on the admin board about this subject.

    I think you're within reasonable limits :P

    I've been told I came off in a way I didn't intend, I just want to remind that we were never supposed to allow discrimination in the first place and that if we can just get a consistent procedure for it we won't have quite as much drama.

  7. The rule against excessive swearing and hate speech has *never* changed. Condoning it is not a server policy and never was, so you can't really claim the server supports hate speech.

    What this *actually* is, is just one person's opinion on how the rule should be enforced but it does stand to remind that we could always be enforcing the rule better. Procedure is to warn and ask to stop and if they refuse ban them, if you have any issue whatsoever with hate speech on the server speak the hell up *while it's still happening* and if an admin isn't on it's not like most of you aren't steam friends with at least one of us, so send a message.

  8. Like it or not it's still a server rule that if you're asked to stop playing music you stop. As to my receive volume I keep it really low.

    Not sure why you're bothered that not everyone has to sit and listen to the same thing you want to, it's not like I demand it to stop the moment it starts instead of after several maps and a couple hours.

  9. do you think that personally muting somebody is going to magically make everyone else on the server incapable of saying anything about it

    because that's seriously the only possible reason that idea is justifiable

    No, but I don't mute people anyway and it's good to know what's actually being said. If I'm going to mute someone, it's gonna be server side and it's going to have a reason.

  10. I agree that this would be annoying in this case (or if you're trying to hear game sounds or something), but at the same time, I have to ask, why not just mute the music-spammer, if the rest of the group (or most of them anyway) are enjoying it?

    I can't mute anyone client side as an admin, if they were doing anything bannable I need to be able to hear them. Besides, server rule isn't "mute them and deal with it", it's "politely ask them to stop and they should comply".

  11. I asked several times for you guys to cut back on the music :P

    I don't mind it but the entire match for several maps gets really tiring, especially if you want to listen to your own music while playing.

    Kinda miss the days when music was limited to setup.

  12. Playing an unreleased game with modded firmware while connected to the internet, this happens pretty much every single game release since gold copies leak onto the net a month or more before most 360 releases. There's always some idiot that gets banned for playing prerelease copies.

  13. You could use any 360 drive but to swap them you need the pairing key for the motherboard which requires you to pull open the xbox and hotswap the dvd drive to a computer via sata cable, backup thwe firmware and then pull the key from there. Long story short, it's a huge pain in the ass and requires you to reflash firmware which can be bricked by mistyping the key so I suggest not trying unless you are 100% sure you can manage it.

    tl;dr get a new 360 people are throwing them away for the slims anyway.

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