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  1. Thanks, Theophany. It's good to hear that someone else does appreciate the unusual soundscaping, because it is pretty unorthodox. As far as moving forward with the track, I had half the random notes (the fifths that I've been throwing around for most of the song) going, but I think now would be a good time to introduce the rest of those chords, probably almost verbatim, from the original track. The fun part is deciding what voice to give it to. And I think that the cellos that play the chords near the end need some sort of backup voice, lower in range, like you said. I'll see what I can do.
  2. Whether or not you know of it, there is another Corneria remix of mine floating around in WIP forums. And when I got my hands on some new world instrument samples, the first thing I started tapping out just happened to be, again, the Corneria theme. One instrument fell on top of another, and now I've got a couple minutes of (accidental and unfinished) remixitude. It's developed a great deal over the couple days, and I brought it here to get any ideas or pointers anyone may feel compelled to offer. It starts with some trippy sitars laying down some arpeggios, adds a simple kind of Oriental-sounding (I guess?) beat, and then commences with a poorly-though-out solo for a Japanese koto. And as if that weren't enough, the fiddle jumps in and has a few words. Then, as I always end up doing, there's a cello section to fill up the low end under a wiry synth that probably doesn't need to be there. There's a lot of original writing, but it does wind faithfully around to the theme as it progresses. It has a number of issues where it stands. It's completely random (because it was built when I was trying out a bunch of totally unrelated new instruments), and it lacks direction and flow. I'm currently looking for ways to iron out this mismanagement. On top of that, I'm not sure how well these bizarre instruments blend with each other. Opinions on this topic would also be appreciated. Oh, and I almost forgot, it has no ending. Suggestions, anyone? EDIT: Version 2 (9/8/09)
  3. I hadn't thought of that at all, Jabond, but I really dig that idea. I'm using GarageBand, actually, and over the past few years I've been buying the expansion kits for it, so I have access to both full orchestra and a number of choirs (you already heard a little of the choir). Anyway, I think an orchestral segment would segue beautifully into a welcomed recapitulation, and then I'm on the home stretch to the ending.
  4. Okay, I've done a little work, and a new, somewhat revised version has now arrived. I've made minor adjustments all over the place, the kind of things that you only hear after listening to it five dozen times. Aside from things like that, I've got the third of the three main sections to a point where it's easy on the ears and varies quite nicely from the sections leading up to it. I've kept the basic melody there, but with a new and improved synth instrument that doesn't totally suck. For this one, I threw out the whole bassline and rebuilt it out of a men's choir. Oh, and some Eastern-sounding drums pound along with the rest of the beat here. If this isn't the right direction to be taking this piece, kindly inform me. There's still no rest-of-the-song or ending yet, although I think I may have something very rough in mind for it. If anyone has any suggestions as to how I should continue from here, I'd be delighted to hear them.
  5. Absolutely. I agree that it really needs more (or at least better) voices taking up slack in the harmony department. And messing with the beat is something that needs to happen, because at the moment, it's a textbook case of "goes nowhere, does nothing." A string section is a great idea, and a cleaner choir to back up and/or replace that mucky bass synth would also work wonders. Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming!
  6. I've always thought that RuneScape a number of remix-worthy tracks, like ,for instance. Seeing as there are something like six or seven hundred tracks in the game, I really believe that it doesn't get it's share of remix attention. To see someone finally bringing these songs out of the MIDI-filled sewers is a really good sign.In the Scape Main track of yours, it honestly doesn't feel like you've changed the source much. Until I read that you did, I honestly couldn't tell that you didn't just assign new instruments to the original MIDI tracks. I think that the concept of reorchestration fits the song well, but you haven't made enough changed in the structure, melody, timbre, or anything, really, for it to be considered a true remix. My advice is to start over, from scratch, and create something totally new, retaining the main themes and motifs, of course. Be a little more creative with it; I promise you'll surprise yourself. Evil Bob's Island does not have this problem. You've made the song your own, definitely. I really like some of the variation you have between the themes. Even so, don't be afraid to do even more to change the structure of the song. Move things around, add in some more original writing. And whatever you do, please, for the sake of humanity as a whole, no orchestra hits.
  7. This mix is the product of two main things: a three-second epiphany I had in a Walmart parking lot, and the four hour mix-fest I embarked upon as soon as I got home. The song is certainly not finished, but I know that I'm finished for the night. I figured I'd post it up and see if I can get any pointers before I resume work. As far as the song itself goes, the arrangement is heavy on the synths. Perhaps too heavy, but I love them too much to change that. The beat here is actually the first one I've ever put together from the ground that I was actually pleased with, so although there isn't much variation in it (yet), I hope that the marching drumline pounding in the background isn't too obnoxious. The song builds up with some pretty straightforward layers, then repeats the phrase two more times, each time focusing on new and different melodies. I can hear just by listening to it again that it has some problems, chiefly the fact that the song doesn't really end... at all. I also have a few reverb settings way too high. But here it is anyway. Enjoy (if you can): Version 2 (6/10/09): Version 3 (2/3/10): Version 4 (4/13/10)
  8. Okay, this isn't working. Anyone got any tips on finding people to collaborate with? Anyone got a friend of a friend who plays piano? If I can't find anyone sometime soon, I'm afraid I'll have to fake something using a piano roll and settle for that. But, you know, if you think you can play piano better than I can (hint: you can) just let me know. This song needs you!
  9. What I had in mind was a piano composition to take the lead, because I think it would fit the hole that's there like a foot in a sock. The piano plays important roles before and after the middle section, and I think it needed a place where it came to the forefront again anyway. A synth may work, and it'll be what I have to settle for if I can't lure someone into composing a solo for me.
  10. Good call, Vesh. I was wondering if anyone would guess what song I drew direct inspiration from. Bear McCreary definitely had a heavy impact on this song. Anyway, this post will bump the topic, which will perhaps let anyone who's not seen the call above to have a chance to jump in and collaborate. I say it again: I still need a pianist to give me a helping hand. Please, I fear this piece will never get off the ground if no one volunteers. Any takers this time around?
  11. Yeah. After a good long while of working and reworking, I quickly found that I've got nothing. I'm just not a pianist. What I really, really want here is a heart-wrenching piano solo played right over what I already have from 1:40 to 2:40. I've tweaked everything to do with the backup voices to the point where I won't hesitate to say that they're perfect. I can't improve on them any more. There's only one step left, and that's to fill out the gaping space from 1:40 pretty much to the end with a lead voice, which I just can't seem to do satisfactorily. Perhaps you see where I'm going with this. I'm asking anyone reading this who, unlike me, is a pianist: I need to collaborate. I feel that this song could be shining star if it only had a leader. Right it's like... I don't know, an army without a general. And it sucks. But with someone else's talent, I think the song has a fighting chance. Anybody interested? Oh, and I'll post the latest version, even though there isn't really much obvious difference between this and the last version.
  12. And it does so wonderfully. I heartily agree with you that the main theme should be shelved at certain points to leave the floor open for other voices to take the stage, so I'll make that my next project. And I also agree that the ending sucks. I do plan on changing that, though, and adding a lighter section at the end to wrap everything up. Thanks again for the feedback.
  13. Perhaps someone has some feedback for the second version of the song that doesn't have to do with what mode the tune is in. Am I going in the right direction? Did I manage to improve the song, even just a little?
  14. Alright, I've got a second version here. I went ahead and did some simple things, like turning up parts that were getting the shaft (kick, bass, the main Dark World theme), and then went through the second half of the song and added more melody to the dry parts. I didn't add any new voices, but I took hold of the weakest/most repetitive of the backup parts and gave them larger roles. The length of the song hasn't changed, but I hope the quality has. Note: I still haven't mixed up the drumline, which I will do, never fear. I haven't lengthened the song or drastically changed its structure, although I plan on getting the former done, if not the latter. Enjoy! VERSION 2:
  15. So I'm in the middle of replaying Zelda: A Link to the Past, and I found that I'd forgotten just how similar the two main themes for the Dark World are (The main theme and the mountain/forest theme). I wondered, "What would happen if I just... played them at the same time?" So I did. And I was quite surprised when I ended up with some pretty intense polyphony. I changed the rhythms to make it sound a little, I don't know, funky, then changed all the tracks from pianos to different synths. Added some drums, played around with the two main themes, and ended the song kind of abruptly. And then I added a kick drum throughout the whole thing for good measure. Pros: I really like the sound of it in general. Very pleasantly surprised by how nicely that worked out. Cons: I didn't do much as far as structure goes. Just ABCB, then the song ends. Feedback, suggestions for improvement, and any comments are very welcome. Also, if this... thing is a lost cause, don't be afraid to let me know that it's not worth continuing. VERSION 1 (3/14): VERSION 2 (3/16):
  16. I've reworked it, and tried to follow DJPretzel's advice concerning structure and melodic leads. When I was done, there were a lot of new choral tracks, some harmonies I think turned out quite nicely, and even a celesta at 1:40. But I'm still unsure of whether or not the melodies have the strength and "balls" that they need, and I think the structure might also be too skewed to work properly. Either way, I do think it's better. And longer, now clocking in at 3:55. Enjoy! Version 3.0:
  17. A bit more feedback would be much appreciated. I posted the new version because I didn't really know which direction to go from here, so...
  18. Version Two Well, I know it's been a while, but I've changed quite a bit here. I dramatically changed the ending after just deleting the second half and rebuilding it from there. I tried to incorporate original composition, some effects on the cellos that weirded me out a little, and I play a bit with the eighth note drones, when they take center stage for a second time. I also did massive amounts of tweaking as far as volume and equalizers go. The song as a whole is now considerably longer, which I consider to be a good thing, clocking in at 3:50. Tindeck's still down, so I uploaded it to a Google page I'm thinking of changing the ending a little more, but nothing too dramatic, mostly just getting the timbre of those feisty cellos in line. I'll worry about perfection there later. What I want to hear from you all is whether or not I've improved, whether or not I properly addressed the repetitiveness, and whatever suggestions you may have for me at this point.
  19. Well, this is officially the first time I've actually felt good about a remix I put together, or at least thought enough of it to not throw out the file before it was finished. This one's been developed over the past few weeks, and I was aiming for a soft, minimalist feel in the music, even though I can't stick it to a specific genre. It's a short one, a dozen or so seconds shy of 3:00, and there's not really much to it. But I'll shut up and let you listen: First off, I'm rather inexperienced at the whole export process, so if there are equalizer issues or some other technicality is skewed, please let me know. I know the track is too quiet as a whole, but I've been having trouble fixing this. If you've got a recommendation, that'd be wonderful. As far as the music goes, the main problem I see with it myself is what I said earlier: the song's too simple. If you've got any suggestions as to what I can add to it or change, I'm all ears.
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