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  1. please note that the the reggae part, it is NOT a bass solo. i am waiting to record my friend doing a guitar solo then. do not focus on the raggae part, it is not done, its simply copy and pasted temporarily so that i can at least get the feel of it and make changes there. there are only three pitch bends in the bass line. it sounds perfectly fine when i get real live critics critiquing the song. the piano part. in the beginning. hmm yeah it does sound unnatural. but who says things HAVE to be a certain way? jazz artists, for example, chic corea. his stuff is frickin whack and VERY unorthodox. the blend of instruments is pretty cool. and i AM going for something unorthodox like. untraditional, something different. and what do you mean, playing the bass like a bass drum? is it the constant same note rhythm? if i get off of the fundamental of the chord it will really sound off. especially in the hip hop area. by the way, the bass drum and bass are meant to play together in most cases. there is no problem with making both playing together. in jazz swing, quarter note bass drum + quarter note walking bass lines = a very good groove.
  2. okay now, this is with logic. everything SOUNDS WAY BETTER. im officially done with the first part of the song...im currently working on the bridge and whatevers after that....i havent started working on the reggae part yet. i was going to ask my friend to put in a guitar solo during it. anyway, here it is, my wip.
  3. heh, well i got express...and im actually going good so far. im switching up my mix, and i think everything sounds great =P...so yeah....its on logic now. up and going. it uploaded my garage band projects.
  4. damnit, i cant find good samples to go with the lead. its killing me....i really think imma get logic express today...
  5. sorry if it seemed like i was taking offense. =P im taking a sound recording class here in hawaii. which is actually a belmont university class. ive learned that the difference between critical and analytical listening are:Critical - something sounds flat, what doesnt fit here, what should go there, something sounds sharp, something came in late...etc. Analytical-sound quality, equalization problems, clicks in the tracks, pops in the tracks. etc. thanks for the "i think its cool" comments. i really think i should get logic. how are the samples on there? heh its in the mana fortress. i can try to incorporate the original fear of the heavens melody. and maybe some other som tunes.
  6. please do not listen analytically. this is just to show a concept. im not done mastering. im not done mixing. im not done with the song. its to show the concept. please no analytic listening(quality, clicks, pops etc.) i only want feedback on the idea. until i say im done with the mix. EDIT: by the way, the clicks you hear....are not audio errors. theyre dynamic changes in the rim clicks...this will be different later on. again, i want ideas right now. what i can do to the mix...nothing about mastering/eq/highs/lows/ whatever.... the drums are all on one track, for the writing issue. when im done with that ill change it all to separate tracks. maybe change up the samples. remember..this is a concept...a WIP that has a lot of progress to go through. on the forums i hear too much analytical listening. i want for this, at least at the moment, people to listen critically. what to do with solos what to add. what samples to use. nothing is panned out...causing clashes between frequencies/some distortion. im not really feeling the steel drums thing. the e piano i think is fine. it just needs to be louder. and ill fix that later. P.S. im thinking of upgrading from garage band...should i get logic?
  7. THIS IS NOT FINAL I'M NOT DONE WITH THE WHOLE ARRANGEMENT, THIS IS A PREVIEW. i didnt give the song an official name. anyway, i have no idea if u guys like reggae or hate it. i know lots of people hate it, due to the simple upbeat chords/reggae beat drop combo. but me, i live in hawaii. haha and the idea of a reggae mix was kinda...cool haha. but back to the mix.... it starts off with a hip hop beat then it goes into the melody. the constant high part comes in later on in the song, and after the first time around i bring in my upbeat reggae feel e. piano. then the drums switch to reggae. i know a lot about reggae styles cause...im a drummer in a reggae band...haha its real simple but pretty catchy if u ask me. anyway, i dont really think this is going to cut the j's criterias but if people like what they hear, then ill work towards it. anyway, here it is.
  8. i think i like the way everything is right now. all i need to do is fix the master track eq. the crashes sound normal. after all i am a drummer and i know what i am doing with the drums. plus, i was not intending on making everything sound realistic, cause u know...the drum part is humanly impossible to play. i think that all i have to do is raise the volume on the hi hat. cause it is that main sixteenth pulse throughout the song. idk if you guys have noticed, but the velocities on the high hat, when it is straight sixteenths, are emphasized on the down and up beats, instead of the off beats. i wanted to give it that moller technique feel. i dont want to go tooo far away with the source, although many might say im still too close to the source i feel that if you switch things up, mainly the rhythm... you changed up quite a bit. i dont want chord changes. i want this to be to my taste, and i'd rather have suggestions be analytical rather than critical. i hope you guys know what i mean. i want sound quality issues like EQ's instead of arrangement problems. EDIT: i forgot to mention. i wanted this to be sort of "animusical" the animusic tunes have real drums as the only real instrument in most of their tracks, everything else is basically synth. plus, the real instrument(horns, woodwins, etc.) samples on GB are awful. i want to keep this, synth/real drums.
  9. ive added a different rhythm at 4:13 and added another synth to balance out the panning. i also changed the eq's on the cyms, snare, toms, and bassD. im thinking if i should submit this version
  10. I know it's been a looong time. and theyve finally evaluated my song. i submitted the old version about 3 months ago. now ive beefed it up a lot. the drums are now on separate tracks, and everything is finally panned out so that things are not clashing. 0:15-0:45, ive added a drum solo. instead of just hi hat sixteenths 0:46-1:05, added another synth voice and made the melody louder 1:43-2:29, it was a cut and paste of the first verse, but i made the main melody a background and added my own melody and countermelodies within this whole section 2:30-2:48, here ive put in a melody that hints "meridian dance"(mana beast boss theme in secret of mana) and changed it up to fit the chords 2:49-3:50, drum solo stayed the same, the judges liked it. 3:51-4:13, at this part, i put in a the melody of "still of the night"(pure land theme in secret of mana). it has a different rhythm. ive used the main few paths forbidden melody as a countermelody, and for the second time around, i made the notes different, while rhythm is the same. 4:33-5:16, all i did here, for the ending, is add in a little backgrounds. and the panned out synth spin at the break i still need to fix the drums at some parts. and master the track a little better. http://www.tindeck.com/audio/filestore/m/mbvt-The%20Forbidden%20Path%20(mp3).mp3 *old version http://www.tindeck.com/audio/filestore/r/rdbi-The%20Forbidden%20Path%20MELODIC%20EDIT.mp3 *updated version
  11. i have a file that is 7.3mb at 192kbps. can i put it at 128kbps, or no.
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