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  1. Thanks, I will do that. Now I know at least which persons can be contacted for that issues.
  2. Indeed! The confirmation mail is dated from Thu, 06. Jan 2011 07:18:59 CET but I never would have expect that it takes so very long. That means that tracks listed in the thread from my 1st post was submitted already last year or in november? Should I wait until march or april before contacting the judges again? Is there a possible way to contact them (or contact someone) personally without taking attention in a thread like this? It was absolutely no intention to make such a fuss about some of my tracks but it seems that it was the only possible way to get informed about the situation, even bec
  3. That's what I exactly did under attention of all rules. I even did upload only one of this because it was one of the rule by the same artist. I've never heard something after the submission confirmation mail and the track was not listed in the thread above. I rather think that non-console remixes are not welcome here, even if ther're very special systems like Atari or MSX. That's what makes me a bit sad too, because they also had their right to exist in it's time. I hope I'll get more infos from one of the judge staff soon what's going wrong with the upload. Edit: Reading the last sentence of
  4. Sorry guys but I'm a bit pissed off from the jury here. I've posted a bunch of tracks here weeks ago from which I upload one song for the OC Remix platform http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=32942 . Neither a mail, nor some other reaction from the judge, even not an entry in the thread listing tracks in queue: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=2819 When I try to ask about my track, the posting will not be visible and still days after that not activated. I think that I can expect that at least a small reaction from the judge wether this kind of tracks are welcome here or not.
  5. Hm, I'm just wondering...I've uploaded one of my tracks above some weeks before and there was still no reaction from the judge, even no entry in the status thread. http://service.gmx.net/de/cgi/derefer?TYPE=3&DEST=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ocremix.org%2Fforums%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D2819 That's very dissappointing. Shell I write a mail directly to this persons or what I have to do to get informed about my uploads? I hope for a decent information here soon.
  6. I've a bunch of Amiga-Style Remix productions which I only offered in our community yet until I was asked by some people to upload it here (see help forum for that issues). I want to preview it here so that you can listen them in advance, even with some informations how I can upload them here for everyone. The remixes are edicated to some games and tunes from the Demoscene. Danger Freak: http://www.radio-paralax.de/board/thread.php?threadid=2975 7 Gates of Jambala: http://www.radio-paralax.de/board/thread.php?threadid=3000 SWIV - Highscore: http://www.radio-paralax.de/board/thread.php?threa
  7. Hello! I've a bunch of Amiga remixes which I've been requested to release them here. As I only found one Amiga remix here, I want to know wether I can upload them here instead of Amigaremix. Files are in 192K/Bit and in final version. Regarding the instructions I'm a bit unsure wether I could upload all 5 tracks at one day: Does it mean that I can only submit one song within 3 weeks? And if yes, what's the reason for this issue?Thanks you and greetings from germany!
  8. I saw, I post this in the wrong area before...sorry! Does anyone also going to this event? There are 2 events in germany: Oberhausen on September 11th (sold out) and Cologne on September 12th (only few tickets available). Also Yasunori Mitsuda and few other well known composers will be there. The concert will be conducted by "Arnie Roth" who also did a reag job on Symphonic Shades (Chris Hülsbeck in concert) last year in Cologne. http://www.symphonicfantasies.com/ Will there some more concerts of this kind around europe? Or only in Japan/USA?
  9. Konstantin Stürz, author of the "8-Bit Philosophy" documentary will give a detailied phone interview on Radio PARALAX during the "Retro-Zone" on Saturday, August 9th on 22:00 CET. There will be many question and answers about many composers from the international remix scene. For the first time you can even ask additional questions in our chat which will be forwarded and answered in the show. You shouldn't miss it. Join the chat here: irc.spacetronix.net #radio-paralax or alternatively our new chat room in efnet: irc.efnet.net #radio-paralax Furthermore there will be a preview of the
  10. Hello! We are a computer and videogame based webradio, broadcasting mainly in german language. To the playlist archive are belonging many scene based tracks from RKO and the Remix64 as well as Amigaremix and some other free music websites like MyOwnMusic (german) and naturally many songs from here. There are a mix approx. 40% SID remixes (C64 remixes), 30% OC Remixes, 20% Amiga remixes and 10% other licence free music, partially exclusive songs from some team members. Additionally many tunes from the demo scene are featured in our 24h. playlist. There are some live shows during the week wh
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