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  1. Well, unfortunately (but not unlikely) no entries this time around. As much fun as it's been running the competition for ~2 years now, I'm looking to get out of the business. If any one is still interested in there being a FAC and would like to take on the duties of running it, please let me know (I'll pass along the password to the photobucket album I've been using). Thanks!
  2. sighhhhhhh well now that we are here, I'm sure the influx of participants and entries will be overwhelming. That said, I currently have no submissions whatsoever right now, and it is Sunday! That day I said was the last day to submit entries! Bated breath, etc etc So, if you are planning on submitting, please let me know. If enough people convince me they can submit something if the deadline is extended, it will most likely be extended.
  3. FAC 48 Theme: Survival Horror Welcome to the July 2011 edition of the Fan Art Competition (FAC)! As last month's winner of the competition, DJ Mighty gets to choose the theme! "So for this months theme I decided on Survival Horror, but not just limited to a survival horror game, but any game and make it a survival horror theme. Ex: Kirby in Raccoon City??" Please PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, JULY 31st. -------------------------- If your unfamiliar with the FAC, here is some interesting reading material. FAQ What is the Fan Art Competition? The Fan Art Competition is a month
  4. EDITED THE FIRST POST WITH THE ENTRIES Thank you to everyone who participated!
  5. I, your FAC goddess, doth proclaim that the deadline be extendethed to TUESDAY, JUNE 28th. Good luck, and godspeed :3 EDIT* Also, if you have already submitted an entry, feel free to resubmit a newer version if you choose to work on it some more.
  6. bumping the threadddd deadline is only a little ways away!
  7. RESULTS ARE IN! FAC 47 Theme: BOSS MONTH Welcome to the June 2011 edition of the Fan Art Competition (FAC)! Seeing as it is JUNE and we are on OCR, the most appropriate theme for this month is obviously BOSS MONTH! SO GIT TO IT. Please PM your entries to me by SUNDAY, JUNE 26th. Here's the thread for one of the previous BOSS MONTH FACs, for some inspiration: FAC 14: Boss Month -------------------------- and the winner is............DJ MIGHTY!!!! Big thanks to all the participants this month, we had a great competition! Number One -Watarimono -- 3 Number Two - DJ Mighty -- 8
  8. Edited the first post with the results! As always, thank you thank you to everyone who participated, either by entering, voting, or just popping their head in to the thread. Stay tuned for JUNE!
  9. OKAY GUYS, I'm extending the voting deadline ONE DAY because of a few mix ups with submitting votes. So just bear with me, results will be up soon! DEADLINE EXTENDED to JUNE 4th.
  10. Edited first post with the entries! Please PM your votes to me by FRIDAY, JUNE 3RD. Voting rules are in the FAQ as per usual. Big thanks to some new participants this month! <3
  11. The deadline is fast approaching! Gotten a few entries in, hoping to get a few more
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