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  1. I'm bummed out, there still aren't any MM9 songs up on OC...
  2. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass - Linebeck's Theme I put Phantom Hourglass first because I figured people wouldn't wanna see more Zelda remixes. After playing a bit through PH I met Linebeck who has the greatest theme ever and I was sad to see that no one had remixed it yet. I don't care about the genre, I just wanna see it on the site! -DOMO!
  3. so...the arranged album is awful...
  4. I don't even care, I love all of the music in this game so much, I'd be happy to hear any of them redone before Capcom releases it's arranged album. I'm praying for Jewel Man most of all though.
  5. There are a few good remixes already for this song, but I don't feel like they quite capture the up-tempo...ness of this song. They're not peppy enough. I'd like to hear a remix that makes me feel like taking off in an airship and finding my friends!
  6. I'm sure someone is working on these already, they have to be. The music in this game is incredible. Any song is good, just keep 'em coming Oh, and, first post!