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  1. If its not too much...could you do something with Ralph in it? Sorry, I've just loved that guy since I was eleven and the game first came out, and I guess I never got over it ^^;. Sorry if its more work XDD.
  2. Um, same! Awesome as ever. Its interesting to see the different styles this project is going with...
  3. Hah, one reason I'm here; I love Ralph! Bearing in mind that I know absolutely nothing about musical theory, I'll still try to give my feedback. I like it a lot, and I like the instruments you used. However, it does seem a bit..."tinny" (?) compared to the other tracks here. Maybe its just the diffferent software you were using. Also, I'm not sure about whatever comes in at around 0:26. Somehow they just don't seem to fit the overall mood of the song, and seem to reverberate (is that right? :s) a bit. Maybe you could also try adding a song that fits Ralph as well to the mix? Its pretty good t
  4. AWESOME TO SEE THS STILL UP! The new version of Ripples of Time has a sorta...forced ending though. The drum beats don't seem right somehow. Sorry XD. Any chance of an epic Ralph/Nayru theme soon?
  5. Awesome, Maku Road! You're doing a great job Lemon, this is all brilliant stuff!
  6. Very good; I can definately see Darkesword's influence. Sutiably eerie, but also slightly different to how I always imagined it. I dunno, maybe I hear too much of Link's Awakening in there instead of the old melody. Awesome anyhow.
  7. Oh my god. Just oh my god. Seriously, Oracle of Ages was one of my fondest memories as a kid. Thanks for doing this project guys, its brought a lot back (EssenceofLime's been playing for hours on a constant loop XD). Are you going to do Ralph's theme at some point? Just asking.
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