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  1. is there ever a time where you wouldn't want to tune your vocals? i wonder if tuning is mainly for the purpose of saving time recording retake after retake, or if it's simply impossible for anyone to always sing on pitch. i'm sure some people's ears are more sensitive/finely-tuned than others', but unless someone is wildly off-pitch, i can usually enjoy a person's performance and often focus on other details.
  2. thanks for the link, timaeus! the only problem is i have no idea what any of it means. looks like i have some reading up to do...
  3. thanks for the advice, guys. would you happen to have any links to good tutorials on how to mix vocals, which settings to use, etc?
  4. happy new year, wonderful people of ocr! hope your 2015 is starting off well so, thanks to your help, i've finally acquired some equipment--a lil blue bluebird and a scarlett 2i2. i installed reaper and, despite not knowing what the hell i was doing, managed to set up the mic and test it. success! so, i know i should definitely read/watch some reaper tutorials because it looks pretty complex. but just for vocals, what are some things i should be doing? would love to start collabing with some peeps here! one thing i noticed: i bought a pop filter from auphonix which had some sexy reviews. i hav
  5. hi everyone, hard to believe almost an entire year has passed since the last post. i won't make excuses--despite expressing interest in recording, i've done very little to actually move forward in that process. this year, to put it mildly, has probably been the worst in my life, and i find myself turning to music for creativity, reflection, and relief. i now have much more time to dedicate to pursuing music, and i plan on finally taking the plunge i apologize for again necro-ing the thread; i just want to hear one more round of opinions in case recommendations have changed, holiday sales are t
  6. hey dudes, sorry for the thread necro; had some financial issues and wasn't able to save up enough for a mic. sweetwater is having a black friday sale right now, and one of their offerings is the blue bluebird for $100 off (from $300). i've heard good things about the mic. think i should grab one?
  7. thanks so much for the input guys! sweet setup there, theshaggyfreak. XPRTNovice, would love to hear how the SM7B performs! any other recommendations for cheap, good mics available on amazon?
  8. hey guys, just traded in a ton of textbooks and i'm looking at around $500 in amazon credit. what mic would you suggest within that price range? i want to have enough left over for an interface as well. the Shure SM7B and Audio-Technica AT4040 look pretty impressive, but what do i know
  9. thanks for the advice, Darangen! i think i'm gonna try that. i'll update you guys once i get everything set up and you can hear how terrible my voice is
  10. definitely! i might start by doing what --hangs up a thick blanket in the room.
  11. thanks Sixto! that looks like a pretty nonintrusive and portable setup, but the price tag is still pretty steep. i might just try to make something myself and see how that sounds. for example, . probably could be a lot better, but it's cheap and gets the job done.
  12. not sure if this is the right thread for this; if not, i apologize. for remixers who record vocals/live instruments, what kind of setup do you have? i'm hoping to record and was advised to create a good recording environment first. any input (or pictures) would be greatly appreciated!
  13. SnappleMan, thanks for the input! so my first priority should actually be to set up a good recording environment. this...will be difficult, because my room is small and cramped. what does your setup look like? also human brains are amazing
  14. guys, thank you so much for your input! my actual budget is...well, unlimited in a sense. if i can't buy a good mic now, i'll save until i can, so i'm more interested in quality than pricing. of course, i don't want the super high-end stuff that the pros use, but something that'll last me a long time and sound great. speaking of budgets though, can i skimp on interfaces at all? will i need an expensive interface to complement an expensive mic?
  15. did a little searching before creating a new topic; found some mic threads, but they're all from last year. hope you guys don't mind this new one. looking to record vocals, possibly with acoustic guitar. i've saved a fair bit of cash, so i want this to be an investment and not just a budget mic. also, have no idea what interface i should buy. need your help and expertise! i have a high baritone voice, not quite tenor. looking to sing all styles of music, maybe rap, no screamo thanks guys some suggestions from previous threads: -behringer c-1 -presonus audiobox usb -samson c01u -shure sm58 -dig
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