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  1. Yeah, that was me. First time was near the end of thunder mountain. The second time lasted a bit longer.
  2. Or you could just use the default votes for scrambling that have been in the game for 5 months now. And it doesn't steal your keyboard input. I don't know why you still have the terrible 4-8 vote screen. http://wiki.teamfortress.com/wiki/Voting
  3. It's for healing your team instead of one person.
  4. Make sure you fix the 23/24 slot count really being 24/25 issue the server still has. Being able to auto join would be nice.
  5. Skill vs Meta http://www.ubercharged.net/2010/09/05/skill-vs-meta/
  6. Doesn't the sourcetv bot take demos?
  7. It's been a while but I don't think I've modified my hud past that. I also forgot to mention you can see Structure Health as well. There are a few overlapping numbers sometimes but I just ignore it. In these pics, I'm a red spy. http://picasaweb.google.com/117737110309161840777/UntitledAlbum?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjdwYSk15SfYg&feat=directlink A quick Edit. Check out http://code.google.com/p/flamehud/downloads/detail?name=FlameHUD.pdf&can=2&q= for lots of useful hud information.
  8. There is a manual way to do it. Extract FreezePanelKillerHealth.res and SpectatorGUIHealth.res from the gcf@tf/resource/ui to your tf/resource/ui folder. Add this these lines to both at the bottom under PlayerStatusHealthValue{} but above the final } of the file. "PlayerStatusHealthValue2" { "ControlName" "Label" "fieldName" "PlayerStatusHealthValue2" "xpos" "9" "ypos" "16" "zpos" "6" "wide" "32" "tall" "10" "visible" "1" "enabled" "1" "labeltext" "%Health%" "textAlignment" "center" "font" "hudfontsmallestborder" } I think that's all you need. If it doesn't work tell me and I'll look into it. Now you can see the # health of teammates, the people that kill you, and if you are a spy the enemy when disguised. And If I remember correctly, it is not changed be sv_pure
  9. Good job using the worst spy unlock there is. It makes bad spies worse and good spies shouldn't use it.
  10. I believe that some Radeon Cards have issues. http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1353125 It does not show up for me either. Possible fix from that thread is to turn off AA and restart tf2. I haven't confirmed it
  11. Easiest way to get first place. Play more. The reason he has so many points. 1. He's not bad at the game 2. He has over 25 days played Rewarding time played is the biggest flaw of hlstats.
  12. Huzzah for random bans. Also, anyone have screenshots of the new weapon skins?
  13. I like waste, hoodoo, yukon, egypt, junction, and pipeline. Though it seems everyone has poor taste and likes things like turbine.
  14. Which is why you call out the corrupt in a public format to hopefully change things for the better.
  15. So if an admin told you just to play crabwalking spy or get banned, you would think that the admins were the best admins ever?
  16. 2 people is a total stack. If the teams were unbalanced at the end of a round or so, Just Scramble It. It's not like that doesn't happen enough.
  17. Awesome, Tell Brushfire to stop being a terrible admin.
  18. Pfft jump mode. That's like turning on cheats to get past it.
  19. That's terrible. The problem with people that play soldier is none of them know how to rjump. It's a very useful skill.
  20. I'm not opposed to a stat reset. On a similar note, due to the new stat tracking. Airshot Rocket, Airshot Headshot, Mini-Round Win, should get extra points.
  21. Losing points to dominations or revenges doesn't bother me that much but Crit kills do stack up. My top 3 actions: 1 Kill Assist 1,051 times 2,102 2 Critical Kill 852 times -852 3 Domination 407 times 2,035 I'm aiming for more Crits then assists.
  22. It's not really for crits, just the understanding that Valve balances their game not what other people make of it. It's like complaining that the control point model is invisable from the bottom thus making PropHunt hard.
  23. Don't complain about game balance if you play on non vanilla servers. hurr durrr You also don't need crits if you can melee well.
  24. 1 pipe to stop their charge then Bottle. Most sword demos are terrible. Though being forced to melee them does suck.
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