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  1. Anybody know a couple of sites with music previews, but not only like 30 seconds sample, full preview, I knew one before, but it closed I guess.
  2. soundtrack? For now, my favorite is the one from Crisis Core by Takeharu Ishimoto (personally, I think it's his best work ever!). So, can you name me a few good soundtracks wich contain the following types: light orchestrated dark orchestrated synthesizer programmed classical...? Thanks!
  3. Haha, nice one man. But of course, you can do better I guess.
  4. Well, I like the start and I'm not saying to completely rewrite it, but just fix it a little bit with more instruments or try to do a different pattern that is close to the zero-two theme. The drums are good, it's just that it sounds better with more instruments.
  5. Hmm, I don't really like that repeated sequence wich is throughout the entire track. It sounds good at first, but needs to be fixed. Try making a more smoother version with instrumentals hitting the edges of the theme song and adding more to it from yourself. That would be good. You still have like 9 months and something, so take your time.
  6. Haha, lol, it's fixed now to 2009! Thanks man! and YES, you can take Zero-Two! Good luck! You have plenty of time, make it good!
  7. Well, 2 things to say: If you saw those ``Kirby renditions volume 1 & 2``, it was actually all me that did that with a couple of my friends. Anyway, that`s history. Now, I decided to work on a real Kirby Rendtion soundtrack called the Ultimate Set. NOTE: If the song titles/names above become one of the following colors, then you know what it means: GREEN = You can take it! BLUE = It`s in work in progress, taken (WIP) RED = It`s finished! (done, completed) BOLD BLACK = can collaborate with somone. How it works, well, you can join if you want, but here are some of the songs that must be renditoned in this Ultimate Set: Kirby`s Adventure: Vegetable Valley Nightmare Wizard Butter Building Kirby Super Star: Green Greens Boss Battle Theme King DeDeDe`s Theme Gourmet Race Theme Inside Nova Marx`s theme Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards: Boss theme Zero-two theme (awesomeman500) room guarder theme Kirby & the Amazing Mirror: Mysterious Entrance Stage Forest Nature Area Ice Freezing Area Ruins Area Space Area Deep Sea Area Last Boss Form 2 (boss theme) Kirby Squeak Squad: Stage Music 2 Halberd Ship theme Stage Music 6 Final Boss (1-2) themes and more... you chose! So, that`s how it works for that. I hope to have in the end a soundtrack of 24 tracks or more, but not more than 30! So, you don`t have to say if you join the project or not, just do it if you want and there are no main restrictions, but it has to be between 3 to 6 minutes long per track. Anyway, I will soon create an online sharing place so that you can post your work, but for now, just share it with free online webhosts or something. P.S.: The competition is over July 24th, 2009 at 6PM Eastern Time (USA/CANADA). That might change, but it`s decided for now... more updates soon...
  8. This thread/topic can be closed/locked because I`m planning on another recomposition.
  9. Well folks, Volume 2 is up! Here's the link to the download (7.1MB RAR): http://www.divshare.com/download/5471533-bb3 It has 8 tracks: 1. KRV2 - Green Greens (Piano Rendition) 2. KRV2 - Sky High (Piano Rendition) 3. KRV2 - Fountain of Dreams (FT Rendition) 4. KRV2 - Vegetable Valley (Violin Rendition) 5. KRV2 - Heart of Nova (NOS Rendition) 6. KRV2 - Milky Way Stars (Ph1 Rendition) 7. KRV2 - Marx's Theme (Kropix Rendition) 8. KRV2 - Squeak Title (Wii Rendition) I hope you enjoy them!
  10. I think when the barber cut your hair, he cut a part of your brain too, but anyway...
  11. When you change stuff, make sure the original theme is intact, because otherwise it's a remix. lol
  12. Time's Scar is definitely needed and the battle theme would be great. My friends will recompose a couple of overworld theme like Home and Another World themes. As for me, I will try to arrange them and do a little bit of editing also.
  13. OK, let's get it straight. The idea is that you take any song from the Original Soundtrack of Chrono Cross and do a recomposition under these 3 rules: 1. Must be orchestral/instrumental/classical type 2. Each recomposition must be between 2 to 5 minutes long 3. Upload/share your work on any fast web hosting server It's as easy as that. I'm already working on it a little bit with two more guys. If you join, you don't have to tell me, just POST your work here with a direct link to the music so we can listen to it. Good luck and enjoy! P.S.: If you have any questions/comments, just post/ask! The recomposition is over October 18th, 2008.
  14. Nobody said you have to be interested sunshine. It's just there if you want to listen to it. That's it, that's all. I think you are spamming by posting those useless replies.
  15. Well, some of them sound a little bit more better for me. We should wait for the Volume 2 to see if it's better or what...