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    If you're looking here, you may be showing interest, in that case, you mightaswell talk to me, I'm open for small talk, definitely sounds chill
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  1. The DS-10 is capable of doing 4 Drum Sequences, all of them can have notes, so its not a real problem making music with it. You dont need a 2nd DS either, not at all, heres a good example of what it is capable of : http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=7hh333ZfSuw I recommend listening it till the end coz its kinda standard at the beginning But srsly, i think you can accomplish alot of things because it gives you many ways to modify the sounds Only Problem would be to have to be using tricks to make songs that normally wouldnt work with the standard given ways... Too bad... I thought somebody would be remixing with MS-10 or the DS-10... I guess I can forget about remixing with it eh?
  2. I wanted to know if any of you remixers thought if remixing with a DS-10 is useful and if it has potential (to me, you can creat all sorts of sounds and ways to make music) For those who dont know what the Korg DS-10 is please check this informative video out : I really would like to know if its good for remixing and if someone can help me use it^^
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