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  1. lol XD i found it mildly entertaining, and i have to agree that Peach deserved it. Sorry to all the haters out there, but, it was definitely better than most things on Newgrounds, and its always great to have pros making video-game cultured cartoons and references.
  2. Just thought i'd do something useful with my first post and let all the MegasXLR fans know i found a good majority of the background music that plays during fight scenes and such :3 After literally 2 years of searching i finally came across a majority of the songs on ExtremeMusic.com, and someone tipped me towards Westarmusic.com for one of the popular fight songs, 'Harsh Life'. Linkage to MediaFire with 11 songs, Rar'd. http://www.mediafire.com/?biim6cosqmu Enjoy and i'll catch ya around the forums :3
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