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  1. Hi, Kamasenin well, I'm a just a listener

    When I heard your song I remember what whas Castlevania series back in 90's

    I'm getting tired of this critics is not the example from

    That's really good! Needs more powerful drums in my opinion though.

    Castlevania music = Epic.

    Castlevania music = Epic Well I Don't think on this way

    I belive that musicians as Kukeiha Club ,Michiru Yamane and other from Konami vintage

    worked hard to stabilize a neoclassical and of course fusion of this elements with a progressive eletronic music, as a vintage gamelistener I've notice that Oscar Araujo from (Lords of Shadow) breaks with this style I didn't like this although the Scores was so gorgeous to Castlevania. series will no more have this kind of music. I believe that your music is the best timemachine to remember that good moment in front the real consoles.

    For me the music is great in all bass lines much of then is impressive and originals principal from this music that so many others have remixed so many times.

    Keep Rocking! and improving without loose this way of composition!:)

  2. I agree with Kruai!

    Waitwaitwait if you're going to sub it, at least give it an ending! To me it just sounds like it ends with exactly the same thing that the first verse introduced. Give it something new, or make it more dramatic. Ending on a cymbal after what sounds like a repetition of the first verse was disappointingly anticlimactic for me.
  3. Well I was off a few weeks but I can say that Jewbei's Work is Powerfull for ocremix

    every work that you bring for us has a particular and individual motion as bLiNd and Rayza your Work got a Singular ID its a great pleasure to come here and listen this songs!

    Yeah You Tries but we Cries! :lmassoff::)!!

  4. Well, I'll expose my opnion I liked very much of this song

    I just can say that I never saw GREAT WELL placed voices on a song like you did.

    "the fighting between Alucard and Dracula" during all song the music is well done "farewell my son" and the mix "I shall miss you" perfect in my opinion we must analising the composition not quality of song. you rock man!

    For all my heart this music deserve a submission if not I want this music on this way perfect combination about someone that played the game.

    "there something much important on the remixes nowadays... I see many people that not feel or played the game that they made a remix" in this case DJDeville played well and brings the emotions back for us

    PERFECT SONG.:smile:

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