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  1. I'm here just to send you positive energy to 2012. cheers
  2. It's remarkable amazing soinds like a daft punk and Kraftwek doing a party with a robotic chop master! great!!!! submitit it noW!
  3. Hi, Kamasenin well, I'm a just a listener When I heard your song I remember what whas Castlevania series back in 90's I'm getting tired of this critics is not the example from Castlevania music = Epic Well I Don't think on this way I belive that musicians as Kukeiha Club ,Michiru Yamane and other from Konami vintage worked hard to stabilize a neoclassical and of course fusion of this elements with a progressive eletronic music, as a vintage gamelistener I've notice that Oscar Araujo from (Lords of Shadow) breaks with this style I didn't like this although the Scores was so gorgeous to Cas
  4. I liked very much Looking foward to see this finished!
  5. Sou do Brasil também Fábio!

    te adicionei aew !


  6. Man, put this on Tindeck now with a good KBPS! GrEAT song!
  7. my opinion You took a dificult music to make a remix (Harry Gregson Willians & Norihiko Hibino) they are Musician masters, but you achieve a high-level in your remix for me, it deserves a submission, great melody and feeling.
  8. Man, Your music work Break any barrier in earth. GREAAAAT SONG GREAT AMBIENCE another OC's masterPiece (you try but we Cry)
  9. \o/ Wellcome back Siamey I missed your songs a lot! they're always in my MP3 player!
  10. Congratulations Mike This is one of best albuns that I ever saw on OCremix site. I listen to this albuns many times I liked every music and of course The Stalker version is unique with the chill track from beginning make me remember from the past time when I play with Duke and blow some dirty pigs!!
  11. Well I was off a few weeks but I can say that Jewbei's Work is Powerfull for ocremix every work that you bring for us has a particular and individual motion as bLiNd and Rayza your Work got a Singular ID its a great pleasure to come here and listen this songs! Yeah You Tries but we Cries!
  12. Your Work are pretty awesome I liked your version from Yuzo"Master"Koshiro Keep Rocking man!
  13. It takes me back to the old times. I know that it's just a wip but like all your Remixes this is a great travel in time! I just can't wait to listen the full Track! Cheers
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