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  1. nope again another nice track though. It sounds more like this then corneria actually http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=-GjdmkjOI7w&feature=related I can only remember parts of the song that sounded like that
  2. nope but that was a pretty cool track! still looking for this song again appreciate the help
  3. Nope still not it, didn't include the "snake charmer" sound effects and didn't sound very middle eastern. Thanks for trying though dude
  4. Thanks for trying bud but that is not it. However I can say the instruments used are very similar, at least in the begining however the beat has a way faster tempo
  5. This is going to be incredibly vague and hard for me to explain so please bare with me I listen to a radio station and I heard a song played on there twice. -The song had a middle eastern theme to it I believe -sounded snake charmer-ish - Maybe some sort of a "desert" remix? - If I remember correctly it sounded a bit like the starfox corneria soundtrack at certain points even if you don't know what it is could you guys reccomend me some middle easten remixes or songs that give of the same feeling as any sonic 2 oil remix Thanks in advance!
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