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  1. This one works: http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/thwc/electrogear1
  2. Hey guys, sorry for the messed up link. I'll be reposting a good version when I get home from work later tonight.
  3. Newest update; changed up some melodies towards the end, better EQ all around, added a second bass track underneath the synth to fatten it up and bump up the low end a bit. Click here to listen!
  4. I really do appreciate the critiques so far and I'm sure I'll continue tweaking it, buuut... ...at the risk of sounding like the people I can't stand (trying to defend their mix, arguing about critiques instead of graciously accepting and moving on, etc) I'm gonna ask something here. The comments about repetition...are they being judged against other OC Remixes of unrelated genres? Or just in general...because listening to alot of the music (non-VG music) that inspired me to make this mix (Justice, in particular) I find even more repetition than I have in my mix. I actually have a tendency, as a musician, to have TOO MANY different sections in a song, leading to a lack of defined structure/melody/recognizable hook. With this mix I actually sort of forced myself to put more sections that repeat, because when I listen to Justice and stuff, I'm like "Man, this song has the same section over and over quite a bit." Now, I'm not disagreeing with the critiques; if it bores you, then I need to fix it, and its certainly a valid point. I'm just trying to understand if people are judging it as a dance song (which it is intended to be; I'm actually playing at an indie dance club tomorrow night with a bunch of my original stuff and this is one of the songs that people are really adamant about me playing) or as a song to just sort of pop in the CD player and listen to. Again, I don't want to come off as unappreciative of the help...thats one of my biggest pet peeves, when people argue with critiques and say "Well I MEANT for the hi-hat to be extremely tinny and annoying" etc. Thanks!
  5. This is with better EQ (waaay better IMO) and slightly different ending. Click here to listen!
  6. Thanks! I'll upload the newest, re-mixed, re-EQed version later tonight when I'm at home.
  7. Hey, thanks for the suggestions...I can see pretty much all of what you said being relevant, so definitely a good critique. Particularly concerning the hi-hats...I applied a sort of dirty tape filter distortion to my entire drum track, and perhaps I overdid it...maybe just EQing it better and cutting the high end some would help soften it up a bit. Structurally, I'm sort of grappling with what to do...I think an extended bridge using the second melody would be good towards the end. I'll do some more solo-y stuff with it too, I think. I'll toy around with it some more :]
  8. http://djpretzel.web.aplus.net/songs/original/Metal%20Gear%20(1987)(Kazuki%20Muraoka%20-%20Konami)(56%20Songs)%5BWith%20SFX%5D.nsf Kazuki Muraoka is the composer, the song is Track 2.
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I would have thought it was obvious that the song is "Electro Gear." My bad for not specifying. The track that inspired it is untitled, from the ORIGINAL Metal Gear for MSX/NES. This is not a Metal Gear Solid remix. As for the myspace thing, I did it as a convenience so I could share it with some other friends. I've been looking for another host in the meantime, so I'm more than willing to upload it somewhere else if anyone has suggestions. The compression is a bit rough, but not to the degree that it significantly changes the overall production value from a regular listener's standpoint, I think.
  10. Hey guys, this is my first post in something like 5-6 years...I posted a few things as Mark_Li way back when, but never had anything accepted. I've spent the last couple years getting a little more serious about music, and I whipped this little mix together in an attempt to make a fun, dance-able Metal Gear mix with an indie-electro inspiration (think Justice, Kavinsky, Digitalism, etc) because I'm fucking obsessed with that style of music. It can be found on my music page at www.myspace.com/tyrannosorceror along with a few other tracks I've done in the past. Worth noting that this is my first completed track using Reason, as opposed to FLStudio. How did I do? *******Newest update!******** Re-EQed with less high end, better overall balance, and slightly different ending! Click here to listen!
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