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  1. Ok, I know it's been like 6 years since this piece was made, but I MUST tell you what an impact it's made on me. Super Mario RPG is my favorite nostalgic game of all time, and listening to the precious few remixes not only brings back my childhood memories but reminds me what an incredible soundtrack those old SNES games could have. Your remix of "Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars" sends chills through me every time I listen to it, and has, on more than one occasion, literally made tears pour from my eyes. The melody is so hauntingly beautiful on its own, but you enhanced it so perfectly that every emotion inside me just wants to explode. Call me crazy, but I just needed to give my thanks to you and try to convey what this song makes me feel, which can't be described in words. Thank you ~Samantha http://cosplay.takaginaosama.com