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  1. That's because the rename was bullshit to begin with. Djpretzel would be the only authority on that, not some random mod with an agenda.
  2. Minecraft is a garbage game that has about as much life in it as a corpse. Why are you surprised?
  3. Minnazu is one word though and no capitalization on the "Z"! Maybe now we can have more free time and less "let's fiddle with shit" on the Minecraft server.
  4. Eh, you don't know what this is about Author. I have Brushfire set to ignore, Phil. I'm not interested in complaining about it here. He called me a bitch, he's not welcome on our server and I want nothing to do with him. If he's complaining about donations, donations are donations.
  5. You guys just need people to vouch for you, to let us know you are good people who won't be bad.
  6. http://notch.tumblr.com/ lol Notch was going to charge people to allow them to become "mod developers". Due to what I can only imagine to be overwhelming displeasure, he changed his mind and made it free. He can sure be an imbecile sometimes.
  7. If you want to talk about the AfterDark server, they had some thread for that, that would be the best place to talk about that. If you just want to talk about Minecraft or the OCR server, here is the best place for that. We don't go into the AfterDark thread and advertise.
  8. You're doing me a favour, Spamfire. The more people you recruit, the less Crowbar needs to work on the server and the more time I will get with him. Thanks!
  9. Part of my reason for leaving was the After Dark trolololol group bullshit. Other then that, I used to be on e-v-e-r-y day. I feel they are just moving over to cause trouble and then their Skype posse of "let's not use chat or the official Mumble server just because". How the hell does a newbie to Minecraft not know to not steal from chests (inside someones BUILDING), but he knows how to make a bucket and scoop up lava? This could all have been avoided if the person who stole the crap or Brushfire or anyone in his Skype posse, would have posted on this forum or Heaven forbid, come into the chat server and informed us that this had happened, so that we could give Aba back what was lost and informed the guy who stole that you don't do that and saved us an entire evening of wasted time trying to find out who did this. Or Hell, Brushfire or whoever in the Skype posse, could have just typed it in Minecraft and it would have been on record in the chat log. Just freaking let us know so no one wastes their time and we can repair whatever damage was made.
  10. Yeah, you know what, I'm going to ban you both. I don't care how you and your Skype posse "lashed out" on him, if you would have come here AND INFORMED US OF THIS RIGHT AFTER IT HAPPENED WE WOULDN'T BE HERE RIGHT NOW. You guys should just go back to your After Dark server because it seems to me you and your Skype posse just want to trololololol on this server. Crowbar Man spent the entire evening yesterday going through the logs just to try to find out this bullshit. I might log on and I just might drop some TNT by your buildings and they just might happen to detonate. Totally by accident though. DON'T STEAL FROM OTHER PEOPLES CHESTS AND TELL THE ADMINS IF IT DOES HAPPEN. IS THAT SIMPLE ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND?
  11. Oh man, I loved the hauntings that would happen. So freaky. I loved the feeling of isolation and being trapped that the game conveyed. It was really a wonderful game that really tried. There was a reason for this and it is hinted at in the game. Henry became somewhat of a recluse, hence his timidness/quietness and lack of strong personality shown to others. He wasn't always like that though and he himself is speaks of this. There is a wonderful article on Gamefaqs, that explores the characters: http://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/920736-silent-hill-4-the-room/faqs/36931
  12. Silent Hill 4 actually did a really good job of being a game with the same deepness of Silent Hill 2. It just had poor production values and presentation that held it back.
  13. She's pweettyy! Looking forward to the 2nd movie. I didn't understand all the love for Silent Hill: Origins. It did an okay job of mimicking past Silent Hill's but when it was left on it's own it did things like make enemies who were puppets. I gave up when I got to the theater. It was a game that was wholly unnecessary.
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