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  1. blue magic!!! hay! omg! i love "the delay"... the way you mixed hot beat bop an stikerbrush together is so... awesome *_* yes... this one is going trough the same way the first did, im sure we'll see a submition soon.
  2. ohhh i love the atmosphere Oo at 2:14 there's something that sounds weird... i dont know exactly what. maybe you should work a little bit on the ending. really this is almost finished. sub it! really... im certain that you will reach a *yes* in no time...
  3. well i love it! that's a lot of energy there. maybe you could stay closer to the original on some spots, but not so important. Somehow i remember the original "age of empires" soundtrack while listening to it. well nice one. that kind of "middle ages" ambience and the flute .... if i had to name it, i would give "bard's dance" as perfect... but of course, i'm not you XD (yah... duh). keep up the good work.
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