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  1. Hi guys, I have started playing TF2 a bit again after about 2 years off. Maybe I'll stop by the server sometime!
  2. Yes, yes it would indeed suck if you were not able to play with your good friends most of the time for some arbitrary reason.
  3. Server work is still in progress. Sorry for the downtime.
  4. Downtime will start in a couple hours. If all goes smoothly, it will be fairly short.
  5. I will be adding RAM and upgrading kernels on the server sometime Monday or Tuesday, 3/15 or 3/16. I will try to have the downtime be outside normal TF2 times.
  6. Speaking of IRC, my Nexuiz clan heard about the recent madness...
  7. Our team asked atmuh several times (we probably waited a minute) as we were picking our last player on Gravelpit, because we knew he had wanted to play .He didn't respond, so we had to pick someone else. Each class has separate config files in the cfg folder. You could set sensitivity that way, or if you just like a higher sensitivity when scoped, use zoom_sensitivity_ratio in your autoexec or sniper.cfg.
  8. That actually sounds like way more fun than killing your teammates!
  9. You have a good point there. I hate being slayed during humiliation. But I love those infinite crits, and this plugin gives you someone to use them on since there often aren't many people left on the other team.
  10. HLStats (at least the old install ) disables stats before and after rounds.
  11. I really like this plugin. Harmless and fun, like pregame mayhem.
  12. If it comes to a vote, I vote for this. No crit/random damage and team-speak. I second this. Also, Seldon says he'd be up for the scrims.
  13. I suppose I should take this opportunity to add my name to the scrim list. I can pretty much always do that time with a day or two of notice. I think I can fairly safely say that Vahn and Seldon would be interested as well. I look forward to making this happen.
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