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  1. I got to have my fun for a few days. I'm happy. =)
  2. No spies allowed! I hope the update allows us to build more than one sentry, maybe smaller ones that do less damage and can't be upgraded. An engy can dream...
  3. There should be more than currently - it is really getting old playing well, steel, and then well again. Also why did people complain? If there reason was that people wanted to play more customs than stock maps then you're dealing with a minority complaining. If the majority are tired of stock maps then it needs to be changed. Adding more to the nominate list is the easiest way to do this. Also, Scoville has my vote. Has there been any discussion on actually fixing votescramble, or the suggested special player list, or the class balance scramble?
  4. Why don't we just add all the custom maps and leave the regular rotation set to the official maps? That way we can just vote for new maps if we want too, otherwise it just sticks to the classics. The second server is pointless IMO.
  5. Yea. Also I don't usually hide by my stuff, Turbine is an exception. Usually I never upgrade anything and go offensive engy. You will notice me doing this if you pay attention. I have another video I'll upload here soon from harvest event that highlights this.
  6. Yes it was, and you got that shot because I was typing - I felt so stupid. It was still damn good aim though.
  7. In keeping with my trend to try and be proactive in supporting balance I'm going to start making demos of me doing the things that people complain the most about. My hope here is that at the very least, even if your overall skill at the game doesn't improve, you will be able to deal with me and my playing habits. I give you me playing engineer on Turbine: http://ubelfeuer.nexfiles.com/EngytimeTurbine2.avi Powerlord is my real enemy for most of the game, however near the middle I vote scramble because it was just completely one sided and literally all it did was switch me (needs class balanc
  8. Are we saying that it's not possible or that we are too lazy to write the code. As far as maintaining the list or coming up with one I'm willing to put some effort in here if it means I don't have to deal with horrible autos anymore. And I should be Engy btw. =) Also I should explain something. This list isn't the "oh we're better than you list," this list would exist so the people that aren't on it can actually get some team work going and improve at the game. You can't do this if you're getting rolled every round, and despite the name of this game, it is more often one or two players that de
  9. Both of these would be implemented just like the current vote scramble. If a majority votes yes then the server handles it. And to be honest I think the best result would be seen if both of these systems were used at once, so specific players get moved and it balances out classes. A team without a medic is no team at all.
  10. I have a suggestion for making the second server actually useful. The idea of having one map for customs and one for stock maps was ok, but in practice it's not working. Both maps should have the same map rotations with customs and stock maps. If one server becomes full and someone is kicked because of slot reservation, it should split the server population between the two servers when the map changes. The plug in exists. I also have two comments for auto balance. The issue the vast majority of the time is class balance, specifically lack of medics or too many support classes. Instead of swit
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