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  1. Sorry if there was any confusion regarding this post. I am NOT affiliated with the game developer at all. The entire point of this thread was to test the water and see if any composers were interested in providing midi files to be converted into .abc files for playing in the game by the player base. The music system in the game, while extremely basic, has become a very large source of social interaction. The LOTR music system is a great example of this. For those that are unaware, ABC music players act essentially like player pianos, reading the "sheet" music provided to them. This affo
  2. Greetings!! Not sure how many of you, if any, have heard of or played a little game called Starbound? Essentially it is an online 2D side scrolling action game with randomly generated worlds (like a suped up Terraria) Anyway to the point.... The game has many different musical instruments and supports .abc notation for multi-part song playing - - This allows people to hear songs being played without the need for the song file to be on their computer I am here to humbly request that some of the amazing musicians on this site, if they feel so inclined, create some MIDI tunes for incorporatio
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