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  1. Sorry if there was any confusion regarding this post. I am NOT affiliated with the game developer at all. The entire point of this thread was to test the water and see if any composers were interested in providing midi files to be converted into .abc files for playing in the game by the player base. The music system in the game, while extremely basic, has become a very large source of social interaction. The LOTR music system is a great example of this. For those that are unaware, ABC music players act essentially like player pianos, reading the "sheet" music provided to them. This affords the game the freedom from every player needing identical song files in order to hear songs being "performed" It is actually rather neat and results in a lot of encounters where players start playing a song and then try and one up each other with the contents of their library. The real beauty of it is apparent when multiple people get together and play the independent tracks of one song in unison. Most of the player base are not musicians, let alone skilled in MIDI creation and thus rely on the good graces of the gaming community at large for files to "play" in game. I was under the assumption that the musicians on this site create music for the sake of creating music and spreading their admiration of video game music as an art form. What better way to show that admiration then by composing music that will be "played" by players in game on their own "instruments" of course MIDI is inferior, but there is a certain charm to hearing your favorite tunes rendered in such a primitive manner. especially when those tunes are based on chip music in the first place. There is a system in place in game to play .wav files when certain coded objects are interacted with. The playback depends on the player/server having the object coded correctly and the songs in place for reference. I have created a radio for use on my private server that plays OCRemix tunes in game when interacted with. I like a lot of the music on this site and try to promote it for that reason alone. My intent is to work with modders to create a downloadable modpack that includes my favorite songs from this site. Those two projects are entirely independent of each other. It was not my intent to create such a hostile environment. If you do not agree nor wish to participate then ignore this post entirely. I apologize again if any part of my original post was misleading. I've been a long time fan of OCRemix and thought of this community immediately when I started playing around with the music system in game.
  2. Greetings!! Not sure how many of you, if any, have heard of or played a little game called Starbound? Essentially it is an online 2D side scrolling action game with randomly generated worlds (like a suped up Terraria) Anyway to the point.... The game has many different musical instruments and supports .abc notation for multi-part song playing - - This allows people to hear songs being played without the need for the song file to be on their computer I am here to humbly request that some of the amazing musicians on this site, if they feel so inclined, create some MIDI tunes for incorporation into the game. There are a lot of video game music MIDI out there, but most of them are short snippets of the actual game music and not the beautiful fleshed out re-imaginings presented on this site. Someone already created a very awesome tool for converting MIDI files into .abc for the game so there is no worries there. Any and all help in this department would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from a fellow music lover, -Trepsik Oh I'm also in the process of creating a radio in game that will play a selection of tunes from this site, it will be playing .wavs though so players will have to download them into their game files in order to hear them. Credit will be given were due of course.
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