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  1. As of now, it is pretty close to the original, I agree. I'll go listen to a whole lot of trance and see what I can pull out of it. I will also try and make an original song that will transition into Chill Penguin, so I can make it not sound like a straight midi rip. Thanks for the tiny reviews so far!
  2. I figured as much. I'll try and expand it some.
  3. As I was playing my favorite Mega Man game, Mega Man X1, I sort of wondered why I had never heard of a remix for Chill Penguin and decided to fool around. This is pretty much your generic sounding trance (which I wish to make sound unique and crisp), which took me about 20 minutes altogether to make this little section of the song. Of course I hit the usual roadblock I always hit which consists of what to add, where to add it, how to make it flow, things to change, and sound quality. This is where I ask for criticism, whether it be friendly or rude, so long as it helps me out. I would love to collab with anybody, or just take suggestions. The Source - Track #8 The Remix - Chill Penguin Thanks for listening!
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