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  1. Boring video? It's a political ad for a local district judge, of course it's gonna be boring. Haha. Yeah, Ms. Bohr (no pun intended) defeated her opponent by about 8,000 votes (or four percentage points). She probably won because she got the endorsement of Walter Mondale, who is kind of a big deal in Minnesota - former vice president, two-time senator, and the DFL presidential candidate in the 1984 election (Minnesota is the only state that went blue that year). Then again, maybe the music won the election...
  2. Hi. I'm a frequent visitor and have downloaded a ton of awesome VG remixes from this site...so you would imagine my surprise when a remix appeared as background music in a campaign video for a local judicial candidate in my hometown of Saint Paul, Minnesota! The video is on YouTube: and on her website: http://gailchangbohrforjudge.com/ . The song is "Hyrule Party Mix" by NoppZ, based on music from Zelda 64. It's so odd that a video game remix from this site appeared in a local campaign video. What do y'all think of this? Oh, by the way she won.
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