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  1. Cool. Sax would be great for the solo and standup bass is always awesome. I've got a good friend who will probbably be up for laying down the keys so this is looking to turn out nicely... Allright... So Acoustic guitar, Standup Bass, Saxaphone and keys... Mayhaps I can get my friend to drag his rhodes over to my place to record. Once we have the guitar, keys and vocals down, I'll upload another WIP for you guys to work with. This would be my first time collaborating online so I figure you guys will be recording your tracks seperately and then uploading them via .wav or .mp3 from which I can take them and add them to the master track, yeh? (I'm used to just having everyone come over to my place and record.) edit: I totally forgot about drums... Gotta find a drummer... I know a few but I don't know if they're too keen on jazz/latin styles...
  2. Arright... So, I'm actually looking to do some collaborative work with this particular remix. What I have so far is very simple; just acoustic guitar and voice. My over-all plan for this remix is to produce an up-beat version of the FFVIII love theme, "Eyes on Me". I plan on re-recording with some changes (Lengthen with space for a solo) and would like to get some other musicians to record on it as well. I'm aiming for the finished version to be quite a bit different than what I have right now but that honestly depends on who collaborates with me. I'm not sure if this would be the appropriate place to advertise that I'm looking for folks to collaborate with but I couldn't find any better section of the forums for it... Mayhaps I just wasn't looking hard enough. Anywho... If anyone is interested in helping with this collaboration, please send me a pm or just post here... Anywho... Here's what I'm looking for. 1. Percussion (Preferably latin or jazz... Or latin jazz?) 2. Bass (Stand up or Electric) 3. Lead Instrument for solo and/or extra melodic flair (I have no preferences here) That aside, I'm definitely open for other suggestions. This acoustic version is mainly for the sake of illustrating the type of feel I'm going for with the remix... Once I have a group to collaborate with, I'll add to/change the arrangement. Here's a link to the file: http://www.idkpros.com/joshuabracks/eyesonme.mp3