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  1. Sarcasm? I separate quotes of particular people as to evaluate what they said as thoroughly as possible without confusing anyone as to who said what.
  2. The ones of your list I quoted are those I've been told to see or have been wanting to see [or both]. It's odd, loving movies and having not seen half of them. :\ There are plenty others I really want to see. Tombstone comes to mind, as does Citizen Cane. Pulp Fiction. Lord Of The Rings trilogy. True Lies. As fer Kubrick, I can't believe I haven't seen 2001 or Clockwork Orange yet. Heck, I don't remember seeing all of The Shining in one sitting.
  3. By world, I mean the imagination [or lack thereof] James Cameron has. I was only blown away by it the first time I saw it; IMAX 3D. The sequences involving fire or explosions, I could feel the heat on my face. But on DVD here at home, it's more of a yawn than a masterpiece. I'm not sure why either. Perhaps people say it's so legendary for the money it made...
  4. Oh, that. Yeah, I made a conscious decision to turn off the metronome so I could just... Play.
  5. Darren Aronofsky = Pi and Requiem For A Dream, right? I badly want to see both of those. Forgot who Paul Thomas Anderson is.
  6. I'm not going to argue with the folks that say Avatar's overall plot was quite cliché; because I agree. However the world James Cameron constructed over the dozen years he worked on it is just incredible; all the more incredible is the effort he and his team put into assembling the design into a tangible experience. The Dark Knight just plain kicks ass in every way possible. It's not perfect, but it might as well be. Oh yeah, I've been getting into films with what I like to call a perspective-shift at some point. For fear of spoiling any one movie, I can't use any example. But I'll list a few: The Sixth Sense is probably the most popular, commonly known perspective-shift Shawshank Fight Club A Beautiful Mind (the shift is halfway through instead of near the end) Memento The Truman Show is just one big ol' perspective shift, haha Same for Inception I watch movies over and over, which unfortunately manages to keep me from widening my gaze as often as I'd like. But I do learn a lot about life or the movies themselves via repeated viewings. Shawshank 26 times Fight Club almost 15 times A Beautiful Mind almost 14 times The Truman Show at least 14 times The Italian Job at least 12 times Searching For Bobby Fischer at least 14 times The Dark Knight at least 12 times The Green Mile at least 12 times Up at least 6 times Eternal Sunshine [Of The Spotless Mind], Memento, Inception, and Up In The Air are right around 4 each, but they'll all catch up sooner than later.
  7. Hmm. iSeeYourPoint. Another example might be the hobo on the street corner with a Ukulele and a coffee can. The music he's makin' is still art, still beautiful, even if he's only doing it for money. But in this case, the music isn't necessarily his own creation, since he's probably playing tunes by other artists.
  8. Definitely one of my favorites, growing up. Haven't watched it in over a decade, damn. I oughtta check it out again, if I can find our VHS copy XD
  9. The only thing I know 'bout that one is that Thomas Newman scored it. Think he got nominated for it. Parents won't let me see that one yet, I don't think. My dad recently watched Inglorious Basterds, says it was amazing. I wanna check it out soon. Oh, of course. It's been at the top of IMDB for a lonnng time. I've seen it 26 times in a year-and-a-half. Another excellent Thomas Newman score, also Roger Deakins' Cinematography is superb - I was shocked to learn that he also helped Ron Howard with A Beautiful Mind and Dreamworks Animation on How To Train Your Dragon. I oughtta research him sometime. Anyway, Shawshank is Frank Darabont's first feature film; and it's been one of the best ever since. Perfect script he wrote, too. I didn't think I'd like it, but I oughtta check it out now iGuess. - I watched the commentary for The Incredibles the other day; it was annoying that director Brad Bird kept thanking various animators of the hundreds that worked on the film. Sure, I know more now about the creation of it than I did, but I could've known a lot more than just the names behind these frames. Haven't seen it yet, should I waste my time? Oh... Oops. :\ haha
  10. I love movies. A few faves are, in no particularly particular order: The Shawshank Redemption Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Up In The Air Fight Club Memento Inception A Beautiful Mind Good Will Hunting The Truman Show The Italian Job The Dark Knight The Green Mile Searching For Bobby Fischer James Cameron's Avatar Up The Incredibles How To Train Your Dragon How 'bout y'all? P.S.: Who pays attention to the creative professionals and crews that assemble these works of art? Clarification: not every movie is a work of art, because not every movie-maker or movie-goer sees it as such either; to me, flick is a derogatory term because it implies that practically no effort was required (that the film was simply "flick"-ed upon the screen), in regards to a true film, a real masterpiece. Also, while not every film earns the claim of perfection, the best ones are the total team efforts that wouldn't have been the same had any one person not contributed as much as they did. True art is never about money. The studios and individuals that care more about money than art somehow happen to possess more money than art. Vice versa. Movies are entertainment. Films are art. Masterpieces are both.
  11. Apologies for not responding sooner. Humanizing is making a digital instrument sound human, right? Well, if you must know, I performed it on my new Yamaha DGX640 into my three-year-old MacBook's GarageBand's Steinway Piano. Except, as much as I wish I had a third hand or perhaps any sort of piano lessons, the higher "twinkle"-esque line was added after recording the main two-hand part. Impressive you know scale modes This doesn't seem the place to find people that know much theory, just 'cause theory's too oft overlooked. What's a compressor? Thanks fer the DAMN out of 10, hahahaha
  12. I think maybe someday I'll return to Aquatic Ambience; this was just an attempt to put down ideas I've had for weeks. I'm overwhelmed by y'all's tremendous compliments, thank you all! I might submit it as it is, if not add a little soundscape at the front and/or back to make it less bland. Otherwise, I'd feel the need to redo it entirely. But having toyed with it so much over the past month or two and recording this over a few hours only to end up listening to it for a few hours... Dang, wow. Thank you! You'll definitely be hearing more from me in the months to come, iAnticipate getting posted to OCR in 2011 ; just started on a Super Metroid orchestral suite sorta remix. PM me if ye'd like to hear what I've got of it after three hours of work haha. I need a break. I've got a few ideas for a new project focus. I'd say I need to stop relying on the piano so much, I really need to learn DAWs and techno my stuffs up a bit. Sigh.
  13. I agree with the prospect of increasing the overall volume; because as it is, compared to other Aquatic mixes in my library, I have to turn the volume up a bit to hear all of this one. I'll look into that. Thanks! I like the echo. Maybe I'll adjust it, dial it down a bit and see what that does. Yeah, the ending was kinda impromptu because I realized I's draggin' on; but at least it's Final Fantasy's Prelude! Yeah, I oughtta do deep octaves under those final phrases to really add an extra kick to it all. Thanks for yer feedback.
  14. Danng, Burning Up rocks!!!

  15. Yeah, that's a good idea. I just don't know where to get said ocean wave noises.
  16. This is progress. Great so far, let's make it jus' a little more awesome! Lol. Better samples never hurt; that snare just sounds fake, which may work for what ye're goin' fer, but maybe you could toy with that snare sound a little bit.
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