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  1. It'd be easy enough if you interpret it as having to give away something you care about - in which case you might have an overal sad atmosphere, with the hope at the end that it was worth it. That's what I initially had in mind, but it'd be interesting to see what anyone else comes up with.
  2. I'd be really interested in this - I've been doing a lot of disney dubbing.voice acting/singing recently. I always liked the character of Rufus and, despite being Scottish, I have a British sort of accent so it would be fun to try that out, amongst perhaps a few others. =)
  3. Am I being ignored...? Unless I count as imaginary Joe, I suppose. And hello and welcome Bak.R =)
  4. I'm still planning to enter something, things are just a little busy for me at the moment. I've made a start though. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.
  5. Hey there - thanks for the crit! In terms of it getting quiet, it just does that as part of the cutscene - and the same goes for the ending. This isn't necessarily how a person would write a piece of music by itself, but Jason Hayes originally wrote it for a Warcraft cutscene, so it's very much based around what's happening. The brass samples...hmm. All the instruments here are digital - except for my voice - but sampled in this case certainly does mean recorded from a live instrument. So every brass note you hear is an actual recording. I think low notes played loud with quite a few players does sound pretty like that - it's just very clearly recorded with a close mic, as opposed to recorded from a distance in a concert hall. That could be the reason it sounds strange? 2:20 - the chordal swell, with trumpets and choir? Did you think something sounded off there? I've made a complete audio reconstruction of the scene (with this music, also added sounds effects and did the voice acting) and uploaded it on youtube if you or anyone else wants to see it in full context
  6. Aww....=( There is the advantage though, that if you can save up for it, you then have it for life - you don't have to pay for a venue and players and rehearsals. You've got a professional quality set of samples permanantly, accessable at the touch of a button. That's one thing I really love about these things
  7. Hehe ^^. I did buy EWQLSO and SC and RA separately...I annoyingly found later you can get it all in a bundle called "Collossus" I think, which sounds as though it gives you all that, and some other stuff - it includes Ministry of Rock I think - for much cheaper. That really annoyed me. But meh. They are very good sampled sets - good enough to produce a really good quality sound, and if you just record a live instrument and voice here and there, it get a truly professional-sounding result, I think. And that saves you the £6000 ($12000) you'd otherwise spend on Vienna Symphonic library 0_o I believe Choirs and RA are both the same price - around £250 ($500). But as I say, Collossus seems to give you these and more for twice that much, which seems a very good deal - you get the gold orchestra, choirs, ra, ministry of rock for the price of the Choirs and RA separately. Again, I was rather annoyed when I discovered that >.>
  8. Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! =) I've posted one of my original pieces in the non-remix section if you want to check it out. Having the software definitely does help - even if you're fantastic at composing, knowing about the software and producing a good digital result is very important, I think - because when you hear a piece of music, it's not just the notes that matter, and it's not just the notes that you hear.
  9. Heya! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the interest! I don't produce music for actual commercial projects yet (though I plan to), but I do compose for mods and higher quality fanmade stuff - I'm composing for Ryan's Rapture at the moment, which is a semi-professional fanmade BioShock prequel animated series. I always want to generate as high sound quality as possible - sometimes I make my own samples, sometimes recording live instruments and sounds here and there; but usually I use sampled instruments as a base - East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra is really good for both price and quality. £100 ($200) gives you a full sampled orchestra with all the important instruments with basic articulations. I also use symphonic choirs, and RA from the same series. (RA is ethnic instruments.) For the choir in this, I used a combination of symphonic choirs and my own voice multitracked, to get both a big sound of a full choir, and the clarity of a real voice. It's the best techniquen I've found for producing a real sounding choir without having an actual choir at one's disposal hehe. "Vienna Symphonic Orchestra" is also a really really good sampled library - probably the best orchestral library - but they are also really really expensive...I would only consider paying for them if I was working for a big budget company and had thousands of pounds to spare.
  10. An original piece I wrote maybe about a year ago. It's written in a kindof minimalism style, with a single motif running throughout, building and rising and developing.
  11. I'm sorry? There's a link in my post...=S Below the "it's uploaded here" I linked
  12. Hey there! I'm new here, just joined. Something that's been annoying me for years was that the Frozen Throne cinematic music was never released, so the other day I got round to making my own sequenced/recorded version of it from ear. Not really a 'remix' per se - rather, I have attempted here to recreate the original piece. Let me know what you think. It's uploaded here;