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  1. It'd be easy enough if you interpret it as having to give away something you care about - in which case you might have an overal sad atmosphere, with the hope at the end that it was worth it. That's what I initially had in mind, but it'd be interesting to see what anyone else comes up with.
  2. I'd be really interested in this - I've been doing a lot of disney dubbing.voice acting/singing recently. I always liked the character of Rufus and, despite being Scottish, I have a British sort of accent so it would be fun to try that out, amongst perhaps a few others. =)
  3. Am I being ignored...? Unless I count as imaginary Joe, I suppose. And hello and welcome Bak.R =)
  4. I'm still planning to enter something, things are just a little busy for me at the moment. I've made a start though. Hopefully I'll get it done tomorrow.
  5. Hey there - thanks for the crit! In terms of it getting quiet, it just does that as part of the cutscene - and the same goes for the ending. This isn't necessarily how a person would write a piece of music by itself, but Jason Hayes originally wrote it for a Warcraft cutscene, so it's very much based around what's happening. The brass samples...hmm. All the instruments here are digital - except for my voice - but sampled in this case certainly does mean recorded from a live instrument. So every brass note you hear is an actual recording. I think low notes played loud with quite a few players d
  6. Aww....=( There is the advantage though, that if you can save up for it, you then have it for life - you don't have to pay for a venue and players and rehearsals. You've got a professional quality set of samples permanantly, accessable at the touch of a button. That's one thing I really love about these things
  7. Hehe ^^. I did buy EWQLSO and SC and RA separately...I annoyingly found later you can get it all in a bundle called "Collossus" I think, which sounds as though it gives you all that, and some other stuff - it includes Ministry of Rock I think - for much cheaper. That really annoyed me. But meh. They are very good sampled sets - good enough to produce a really good quality sound, and if you just record a live instrument and voice here and there, it get a truly professional-sounding result, I think. And that saves you the £6000 ($12000) you'd otherwise spend on Vienna Symphonic library 0_o I bel
  8. Hey, thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it! =) I've posted one of my original pieces in the non-remix section if you want to check it out. Having the software definitely does help - even if you're fantastic at composing, knowing about the software and producing a good digital result is very important, I think - because when you hear a piece of music, it's not just the notes that matter, and it's not just the notes that you hear.
  9. Heya! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for the interest! I don't produce music for actual commercial projects yet (though I plan to), but I do compose for mods and higher quality fanmade stuff - I'm composing for Ryan's Rapture at the moment, which is a semi-professional fanmade BioShock prequel animated series. I always want to generate as high sound quality as possible - sometimes I make my own samples, sometimes recording live instruments and sounds here and there; but usually I use sampled instruments as a base - East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra is really good for both price an
  10. An original piece I wrote maybe about a year ago. It's written in a kindof minimalism style, with a single motif running throughout, building and rising and developing. http://www.freewebs.com/filezupload3/Shape%20of%20the%20sky.mp3
  11. I'm sorry? There's a link in my post...=S Below the "it's uploaded here" I linked http://www.freewebs.com/stevenarrangements/
  12. Hey there! I'm new here, just joined. Something that's been annoying me for years was that the Frozen Throne cinematic music was never released, so the other day I got round to making my own sequenced/recorded version of it from ear. Not really a 'remix' per se - rather, I have attempted here to recreate the original piece. Let me know what you think. It's uploaded here; http://www.freewebs.com/stevenarrangements/
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