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    I live in Washington State. I am an amateur 3D Animator, I have experience using Blender, Maya, and 3D Studio Max (Although not much). I love videogames and even more the music. I love most symphonic music along with Rock and Metal.
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  1. The sequencer was what I was referring to. I figured you couldn't produce those works of art with just one "easy-to-use" program How do the products from using a single environment sound? Are they worth it? I would love to learn how to remix but pretty much the only resources I have available to me is my high-end comp, fast internet, and piracy. I have no money to spend unfortunately Thanks! --Ben--
  2. Cool cool. Thank ye and im glad to be apart of the community now Despite how small of a part I am Alright another question What programs do you guys use to remix? If you don't use a program how do you go about your business? You don't have to give me a detailed answer...just something short, i dont wanna waste ur time!
  3. Awesome! How would one get into Remixing? I've always been interested but the only instrument I can play is the Piano. Everything here is amazing so I was always interested Well thanks for that answer Keep fighting the Good Fight! --Priestman--
  4. Alright I have been to this site many times in the past but I never cared enough to register or post on the forums. But now I'm older and I enjoy talking to people and supporting awesome communuties like this (I was a wee-bit of a shutin). I love ALL of the work on this site. Out of all the music I have on my computer from mainstream bands, my most listened to album is the Chrono Symphonic. I love you guys I have a question tho. Do you guys make your own stuff as well? As in not just remixes but original stuff? Just wonderin because sometime in the future I may have a request for some original stuff. (I'm an amateur Animator and I prefer to have unique music rather than jackin songs from the internet).
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