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  1. Alpine

    AIDS cure...?

    Dude. Bad. Suicide is not the way to cure Aids. Though is a viable answer. Just make all the people who get it drink bleach. Wow, this is easy. But wrong. Oh so wrong.
  2. Too true. Im thinking laser rifle. What could be more awesome than a ninja with a laser? Im hard pressed to think of something. (Though a mini nuke comes admirably close) Thanks for the advice. It seems that the ninja bit is salvagable. (I also realized that I sound like a dogmatic Naruto fanboy. Crap. Me -1)
  3. Well, thats just craptastic. I guess I'll just stick the old rambo ' get the biggest gun you can and put more holes in the other guy' method. But the ninja will live in my heart. He will.
  4. That really sucks. I was very stoked that I only had to press 'play'. But it was nice for the time it was here! Good work.
  5. I wish I still lived in Maryland. It makes me yearn for conventions. Y'all have fun now, y'hear?
  6. So, I just got this in the mail today, along with Fable 2 and Sonic Chronicles. Im definitely playing this first. I RTFM'd it in the last few minutes, and I was looking at making a sneaky, unarmed death ninja. Kind of a change of pace for me, being prone to moments of Rambo heroism. Any words on this? I cant play it at home just yet. So is the melee system good? or broken compared to the gun system?
  7. Alpine

    AIDS cure...?

    Interesting theory about the whole wiping of the immune system thing. I just think that AIDS is god's wrath on the gays being spread to us. yeah. Heard that forked up version in church a few times. Its a growing problem, people. Wrap it before you tap it.
  8. So what they are really trying to say is that all vegans had a scary mother who really couldnt cook turkeys to save her life. Sweet. Fun games. Fun premise. Cooking mama needs more blood. Majesco take note! M-rated cooking mama please!!
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