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  1. I got back in town on the 8th, but the campus post office was closed until today because of snow. Today, while I got December and half of January's mail, I received a package containing...

    2 CDs!

    - Le Best of Cirque du Soleil

    - Hybrid - Remix and Additional Production by...

    Thanks, ProjectSpam! I am currently copying the music onto my computer, which will then be listened to while I am supposed to be learning about MATLAB!

  2. All Right, I'm in.

    EDIT: Since I'm relatively new around here, I should probably give some idea of what I would like. I like stuff that is physical stuff; it doesn't have to be anything unique, because when it is mine, it becomes unique and even more awesome. But something that is unique beforehand would become double unique, so it would reach the level of badass. So just something physical, and most preferably in a box, because opening the box is half the fun.

    And I think I started with a reference to The Fountainhead, and went downhill from there.

  3. I'd be in on this...if my payment finally went through.

    There seems to be a problem with my account being activated for the Alpha, even though the Paypal payment was accepted. Waiting it out for a couple days until I decide to raise some hell.

  4. A few nights ago, I was listening to my Ipod Touch (2G 16 gig) when the screen went completely off. Thinking it was frozen, I held the two buttons trying to reset it; after about fifteen seconds, I let go of the buttons and started to look online about why my Ipod wasn't resetting. After about five minutes, I smelled what seemed to be circuitry burning; I picked up my Ipod and immediately set it down, as it was too hot to hold. The smell got really strong, and then went away after about ten more minutes. I touched my Ipod again, and it was cooled down and reset. When it turned on, the lower half of the screen was totally white, but it slowly faded back to the color it should have been, and everything then worked fine. However, it has happened four or five times since; but, the screen only went white the first time.

    Now, for a few questions;

    1) Has this happened to anyone else?

    2) Should I try to deal with Apple and get a replacement, as there is no lasting damage?

    If this happens again and the screen messes up, I'm going to take a picture and post it here, but it's going to be a waiting game until then.

  5. Oscillating fan!

    Yeah, so the Game Centers in Goldenrod and Celadon suck. It's just that stupid Voltrob Flip game. No slots. And apparently, you can't buy coins anymore.

    Yeah, no coins for the slots that aren't there anymore. Awesome job, Game Freak. Way to cave in to pressure.


    I was hoping that at least the Celadon Game Corner would still have slots. I mean, I own at the Voltorb Flip and have about 25000 coins from it, but I liked the slots. Except the Clefairy ones in the D/P/Pt Game Corners.

    I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore!

  6. I was going to get the Pichu during the event, but didn't have the balls to do it. But for Jirachi, I just might.

    And it's not that I didn't want to be seen by anyone I know downloading a free Pokemon; it's just that one of the workers at my local Gamestop is obsessed with Pokemon. When I got Platinum, she talked to me for about an hour until my cell phone rang, saving me from the eternal torture of a crazy old lady (60+) telling me about her level 100 Dragonite.

  7. If I had the skills, and a 100 man orchestra at my command, I would make an awesome Halo/Metroid mix album; but all I have is me, who can slightly play piano, a friend who can play the drums, and a pretty cool pencil sketch on notebook paper of an album cover. So we need 98 more people. And Martin O'Donnell.

    AP English IV/ U.S. Government is pretty boring sometimes.

    Obviously this isn't a medley, but you might like

    And that's where I got that part of the medley from. That whole performance was awesome, with the exception of the Mario theme with vocals. But the encore song made it all better.

  8. The most amazing remix, or rearrangement (so the grammar police don't get me) would be one of Still Alive from Portal. The first stanza or so would be normal, than it would break into a ragtimey remix of Pokemon Pinball, followed up by a bigbandish Bomb-Omb's Battlefield, then a 50's rock version of Hill Top Zone (Sonic 2), then a jazzed up Megaman theme, then a grungeish version of the FF7 battle theme, then a futuristic techno version of Chrono's theme, then back to Still Alive to finish it out.

    That seriously would be a triumph.

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