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  1. There are three dancers in Castelia City. There are located in the Central Plaza, Narrow Street, and Unity Pier. When you defeat the three, they give you an Amulet Coin. EDIT: Brushfire, Y U NO LET ME RESPOND?
  2. Yeah; I'm still on my Blue DS Fat, so I decided to upgrade finally.
  3. Black Version Snivy Will not have a friend code until March 27.
  4. I got back in town on the 8th, but the campus post office was closed until today because of snow. Today, while I got December and half of January's mail, I received a package containing... 2 CDs! - Le Best of Cirque du Soleil - Hybrid - Remix and Additional Production by... Thanks, ProjectSpam! I am currently copying the music onto my computer, which will then be listened to while I am supposed to be learning about MATLAB!
  5. Mine shipped out on the 30th, so it should be there anytime.
  6. I bought Sonic Colors on Tuesday, but I haven't been able to play it as my Wii is back home and I am at college, so it's pretty cool Thanksgiving break is coming up. Did anyone else notice that it says "preform" instead of "perform" on the back of the box?
  7. All Right, I'm in. EDIT: Since I'm relatively new around here, I should probably give some idea of what I would like. I like stuff that is physical stuff; it doesn't have to be anything unique, because when it is mine, it becomes unique and even more awesome. But something that is unique beforehand would become double unique, so it would reach the level of badass. So just something physical, and most preferably in a box, because opening the box is half the fun. And I think I started with a reference to The Fountainhead, and went downhill from there.
  8. I forgot about this game until I saw this. Now I'm disappointed about something I had already forgotten about.
  9. I would like to join, but I'm not going to have a real address until January 10th, so whoever gets me will have to wait until then to send my gift. Is that OK, or will I have to pass on this?
  10. I somehow found Hedgehog Heaven while looking for the original Sonic 2 soundtrack. And then I came here.
  11. I would like to be Whitelisted too.
  12. Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Back when my best friend got the game, we were about 3 years old. We sucked too much to beat the part in Chemical Plant Zone 2 where you need to climb up the stairs that filled up with the purple water, so we would spend hours on the first two levels of the game. So about five songs will remain ingrained into my mind until I die.
  13. I Know One Winged Angel is changed for this, but... Haters gonna hate.
  14. Finally fixed my payment issues. My in-game name is tom1uphat. I might stop in every once in a while to help out.
  15. I'd be in on this...if my payment finally went through. There seems to be a problem with my account being activated for the Alpha, even though the Paypal payment was accepted. Waiting it out for a couple days until I decide to raise some hell.
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