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    I started classical violin training at age 2, and have continued to play for all of 23 years now. That vast amount of musical training has allowed me to pick up many other instruments with relative ease.
    After discovering my love for composition and arranging when I was a teen and also my love for singing, I began writing music in earnest and also re-arranging and writing lyrics for themes from video games. My first album of original songs was released last November while my youtube account hosts over 20 different vocal arrangements of various themes from games, anime and movies.

    I was recently commissioned to compose, arrange, and perform the new theme song for Dragon Nest SEA (only for the South East Asia version)
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    Kate Covington
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    2. Maybe; Depends on Circumstances
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Acoustic Guitar
    Vocals: Female
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    hand drums, recorder, ocarina, hammered dulcimer

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  1. oh boy there's a LOT of them, for downloads, odin sphere ending theme shanachie version for starters, have a listen to the LOT of that game, the first of the Artonelicos is up there lots of funky/good stuff on that, YS 6: The Ark of Naphistim has some good stuff, oh and Zone of the Enders: beyond the bounds, good intro song from there. Manakhemia's another one, specifically 'nefertiti' and 'run for your life'. Tales of Legendia 'the birds chirp I sing', 'guiding star', legend of dragoon 'if you still believe' the lyrical songs in lunar and its sequel, 'luna's song' and the intro for the first one and the ending theme for the sequel.*pant *pant there's most of it, also some funky tracks on www.rpgamer.com, though remixed themselves they're worth a listen