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  1. This would also be fitting theme music for the Shades in discworld. Well done all around and keep em coming!
  2. Definetely a different set of instruments and a good combo for all involved, keep it up!
  3. 3..2..1 IGNITION! A well-designed remix that just keeps giving. Keep up the great work! ...sounds familiar too, like Megaman X3 familiar, but for the life of me I can't figureout which boss theme. Gravity Beetle maybe?
  4. Stand up and take notice all ye would be composers. THIS is how to put lyrics to a beat.
  5. Please send in more. Made my day to hear this feast for the ears. ^^
  6. Well done throughout, here's hoping for more tunes from this one.
  7. Now there's a relatively untapped source for music: work the very sound effects of the game itself into the tune then go crazy. *Applauds
  8. This sounds of movie quality (very similar to the Disney Aladdin song 'magic carpet ride' in pitch and tempo (I Think that 's the name) , keep up the great work. *The lyrics section needs another listen to the song for a few typos to correct in the first bit.*
  9. By far one of the best mellow key tracks this site has to offer. Make. More. Please.
  10. A very nice rendition of a great set of tunes. Will be field-tested in a hospital to note ratio of calmed alzheimers veterans.
  11. Fast-track this guy's works when they come up for judging. Win thoughout; well blended, well versed and a good tempo for the whole tune
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