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  1. The HD Zelda Tech demo apparently had an interactive component; also it can be seen running through the WiiPad:

    All in all, love the bump mapping and lighting effects. If the Zelda tech demos of the past are anything to go by in terms of the final product; then this will be nothing short of jaw-dropping.

  2. I've got to say, this tempo is perfect - always felt Bom-Omb Battlefield should be played this fast, and you've nailed that part.

    This stands out as a spectacular arrangement - yet as you've pointed out it's the remix department which needs a good revisit.

    Look at the beginning of your track, that usually shapes the flow of the rest of the piece - if you can think of an original beginning and then slowly weave this great source re-arrangement in and out - that'd make a great transition, leading into a proper remix.

  3. Take a bit of a break and then come back to listen to it again. If you think this is where this piece should be, then have a crack at submission - you'll find that the submission panel will probably be the most helpful at giving you feedback on your remix.

    Personally I feel that the piece is brilliant and tempo perfect, but not hitting that hot red spot. The introduction of the main melody occurs at 1:22, then at 1:50 begins the flute solo, which ends before bringing back the source. By the end of the piece it feels as if it has been slightly segmented into remix components and original components.

    In terms of balance, the more interconnected a piece is, the better chance it will have of pleasing the submission panel. See if you cannot do a bit more with that source melody starting at 1:21 - don't be afraid to put your original work in early on, and once the flute solo kicks in, don't leave it hanging - add in any element that could bring it out (possibly more source elements).

  4. I certainly cannot forget this remix - and what a fresh vibe it has taken on.

    Listening to your latest mix it definitely sounds much more 'arranged', easier to listen to and just a pleasure to take in. The drum drop-out at 0:27 is one change which brings the focus back onto the original arrangement of this piece - it does wonders for setting the mood.

    The sword effect is without a doubt a welcome return, mastering has definitely made its inclusion more cohesive to the foreground music. On the whole - this is now sounding to be headed in the intended direction.

    Great to see this return new and improved - looking forward to seeing how this piece develops before the balance is right!

  5. Integrating original compositions with rearranged tunes to create some nice remixing from the source is hard work, yet you've managed something quite interesting here.

    Even though it took 2 min into the song to notice, it was great to hear substantial variation in the first revision (first version posted on here at least) and I have to say that you've done a brilliant job!

    Playing back the original source in the first minute may not fly with the judges - as long as the piece establishes itself as a remix and not a re-arrangement, it stands a good chance of getting through.

  6. Really dug your previous collab - Why So Serious, and definitely liking where this one is going.

    The credits theme from LttP was one that always struck me as unique, the background melody having never appeared in the game prior to the credits. As such, there is huge scope to take this tune and make something else of it -> something which you folks are on track of with this.

    Looking forward to hearing the final piece!

  7. The audio sources and tune sets from Prime are brilliantly integrated with the theme from Super Metroid here - however I can see the judges point of view (or sound in this case) in terms of the variation.

    For example, you introduce the source from Chozo Ruins at 4:02 which sounded perfect - yet it was too late into the piece. I think if you're going to go to the trouble of including it, integrate it earlier on so as to captivate and keep the listener holding onto their cans. It'll do wonders. At this point it would probably be more important to establish the whole piece as something unique instead of making it feel like something you would hear in-game.

    I know exactly what you mean when you say you want this to be in a Metroid Prime structure - most of the MP soundtrack revolved around the idea of repeating cues with subsequent compositions in between. Although since one would hear such music while exploring and playing a game, the repetition wouldn't be as noticeable as if, say, one were to just hear the music alone.

    Try adding and mixing more of your own original tunes based off the source as well, usually will add enough variety to throw off the unsuspecting critic. Other than the technical specifics mentioned by the judges, I do not think you really have to change a lot -> just your perspective of this piece and how deep / personal you want to make it.

    Also: Suggestion for the name

    -> Siriacus Calling (Zero Hour Epoch), or

    Siriacus Calling (Prime Epoch)

    Referencing Space Pirate Data - Fall of Zebes

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