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  1. I clicked on the preview, heard the opening 2 seconds - closed the preview ,and immediately downloaded this awesomeness. Really, such great work here.
  2. Brilliant, absolutely love it as a re-arrangement; this sticks quite close the source - which may be your only challenge. The judges might want to hear some of your originality earlier on in the piece before passing it on as a fully fledged remix.
  3. The HD Zelda Tech demo apparently had an interactive component; also it can be seen running through the WiiPad: All in all, love the bump mapping and lighting effects. If the Zelda tech demos of the past are anything to go by in terms of the final product; then this will be nothing short of jaw-dropping.
  4. I've been waiting to hear an arrangement like this from the Four Giants Theme for so many years.. As a huge fan of your Astral Observatory and Last Day Rebuilds, I can only say thank you! This piece is pure magic.
  5. Congrats DJV, tracks still sounds awesome - just as I remember it .. brilliant work! I really miss the unsheathed sword sfx, yet as a final mix this stands on its own really well. I'm glad you can finally get some closure on this and simply enjoy it, looking forward to hearing your next work!
  6. Wow.. really awesome to finally see this on the front page. Brilliant work guys, I was hooked from the first rendition that made its way into the workshop and have been following on from there. This is one AAA remix for a AAA source tune! Keep up the fabulous work.
  7. First time listening to your rendition of this remix in a while - I have to say it was quite an enjoyable listen! Good on you for not letting this go.
  8. This is quite a nice one to listen to - and I'd say a perfect template for an actual remix of the entire theme, but all the right instruments and tempo to work with.
  9. Creativity is really the make-or-break factor, and you've demonstrated how it should be done quite well - which is my opinion after listening to many of the beloved remixes here. The change of pace in the end is perfect for a lead-on into another segment - looking forward to where this goes.
  10. Loved the execution of the bass chords there, pretty much flawless. Lookin' forward to the next rendition.
  11. If there was such a thing as ear-candy; this is most definitely it. Looks like you two know what you're doing, I'll just take a seat and wait for you guys on the front page.
  12. I've got to say, this tempo is perfect - always felt Bom-Omb Battlefield should be played this fast, and you've nailed that part. This stands out as a spectacular arrangement - yet as you've pointed out it's the remix department which needs a good revisit. Look at the beginning of your track, that usually shapes the flow of the rest of the piece - if you can think of an original beginning and then slowly weave this great source re-arrangement in and out - that'd make a great transition, leading into a proper remix.
  13. I recall hearing 'Rocking the Cradle' a while back, but these other remixes are too good to pass by. Some incredible remixes / re-arrangements right here guys.
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