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  1. http://hunterbridges.com/mp3/WeCanSaveTheWorld.mp3 I am sure you are familiar with the source. Don't take this mix too seriously... Just got new studio monitors and had an urge to make some silly epic metal out of this tune.
  2. Thanks guys. Interesting you should mention percussion. I had the option of including it, but I opted out. Since I am primarily a percussionist, I tend to be compositionally biased toward it. I wanted to see if I could get a good motion out of the piece without relying on percussion for it.
  3. So the orchestra did the readings today. I recorded their performance of my piece: http://hrook.net/mp3/ToZanarkandPerformed.mp3 A lot of the phrasing and voicing comes out more with human players and real instruments. Unfortunately, they just sightread the score so it's by no means polished. I just did the recording with my field recorder (Zoom H4N). Maybe someday I can find an ensemble to prepare and perform this arrangement.
  4. So, this piece came out of unusual circumstances. I am a music major and I'm in Orchestration class this semester. For our final project, we had to arrange a 2 to 3 minute piece. As a reward for the amount of work it takes to arrange and format all the parts, we are having our pieces read by the school orchestra (Which I'm pretty excited about). The piece I chose is honestly one of my favorite musical works I've ever heard, the track "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X. I chose to arrange it for wind and strings. I plan on recording the reading tomorrow afternoon, but for now all I have is the Finale export. It's a little robotic, but it gets the idea across. I've never scored for this sort of ensemble before... it has been a real challenge. Let me know what you think! If the recording turns out well I may submit it. http://www.hrook.net/mp3/ToZanarkandFinal.mp3
  5. http://hRook.net/mp3/newtrig/CircleCity.mp3 Eager to hear some c&c on this track.
  6. http://hrook.net/mp3/newtrig/CountingPapers.mp3 What I got so far. What do you think?
  7. Thanks for the feedback everyone, it's been really helpful! I just submitted it, so wish me luck.
  8. K I found some pretty sweet re-mic and un-lo-fi plugins. They really helped out. I also added a little on the end to make it a little more satisfying of an ending. http://www.hrook.net/mp3/BipolarMagma2.mp3
  9. Hey everyone, So, I don't know what percentage of people on here have collaborated digitally on music projects, but I think this applies both to people who have and people who haven't. I'm doing a little personal research about the difference among desktop musicians' workflows. So, for those who have collaborated digitally: - What would you say were the biggest obstacles in the process? What were your solutions to these obstacles? - Was there any part of your process that you feel worked particularly well? - How do you feel the process could be improved? For those who haven't: - Other than lack of interest in collaborating (Which is a very understandable circumstance), what has kept you from collaborating on a project over the Internet? - How do you feel it could be made more accessible? Feel free to answer any or all of the questions that apply, or just voice your opinion. If you wouldn't mind, also mention your preferred DAW. Hoping to hear some interesting feedback. -Hunter
  10. Hey everybody, I've always wanted to submit a piece to OCRemix... I've just never gotten around to actually putting a piece together for it! So, I am giving it a shot. I am getting towards completion with this one. Stylistically, I don't know what to call it... It has elements of Ambient, Jazz, Gospel, Fusion, Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin and Rock. It's a mix of "Hot Head Bop" and "Mining Melancholy" from Donkey Kong Country 2; they're "sandwiched" together. You'll see what I mean. I tried to add in some feaux-improvisation style stuff, mixed in with some really electronic-y elements. http://hrook.net/mp3/BipolarMagma.mp3 http://www.hrook.net/mp3/BipolarMagma2.mp3 Let me know what you think! -Hunter
  11. http://www.meedeor.com/nexus-mp3/AngelicAirway.mp3 It's for a fanmade Sonic game I'm writing the soundtrack to. This specific song is for the sky-themed level. I did a lot of synth design in this one... and I use some jazzy harmonic elements. A good excuse for me to go heavy on the FM synths. Let me know what you think.
  12. Does anybody have any metal guitarists they can reccomend to me?
  13. http://www.meedeor.com/nexus-mp3/WickedWorksRetro.mp3 I'm arranging Rusty Ruin Zone from Sonic 3D Blast to fit in a sort of factory/clock tower level. I'm debating whether to turn this into a whole piece or not. Right now it's just set up for looping. I don't really know how to describe it... It's a mix of of metal, funk, and classic video game music. Right now, the guitar solo at the end is a placeholder. I'd like to find someone who'd be willing to lay one down. It's just E minor in 6... not too difficult. Don't hold back any comments or criticism you may have. I feel pretty strongly about this piece!
  14. Alright, I've got another thing for you guys to look at. I played around with the intro a bit today. It's got some nice latin Trumpet now! http://www.meedeor.com/nexus-mp3/NewIntro.mp3
  15. I was toying with the idea of a completely new solo section since I have figured out a way to make more human-sounding solo voices. Perhaps a tenor vs. alto or tenor vs. guitar bar-trading part? I've also been scouring to find some good horn section voices. I'd like to take this piece and give it more of a big band sound rather than the combo vibe it's giving off right now. Speaking of vibes...
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